Site theme changed

I’ve updated the theme of the site to hopefully make it a little easier to find posts. Comment here if you have any feedback on the changes 🙂


  1. With Samsung Galaxy Tab S, new theme shows 2 columns and can’t expand any articles to full screen display. Very inconvenient to read. Previous display is much better.

    • Thanks for this, what is shown on the two columns? In tablet mode you should just get the articles and no widgets (article list, comments list). You may have the tablet browser set to desktop display, but even then it shouldn’t be that bad. If you can give more details I’ll definitely try to get it sorted.

      • May I have your email address in order to send screen shots of my tablet?

        • Sent offline to your email 🙂

    • I’ve made some changes which will hopefully help. WordPress is hopeless for layouts I’d have been better off doing it all myself manually!

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