Roam Update

We all know the Roam is imminent, but some more details have just arrived (Thanks to Cedric for the tip!). I have some screenshots of a webshop, and some details translated.

This is a Google translation...
Wahoo ELEMNT Roam
Wahoo Elemnt Roam is the latest shot of the Wahoo tribe. It comes new with a 2.7 "color display and a battery that holds power for up to 17 hours.
The navigation part in it is super good whether you want to use GPS as turn-by-turn or just want to find the fastest way home Wahoo Elemnt is incredibly easy to set up using the Elemnt companion app where you can set up the pages of your computer and view history and share data.
Ambient Light sensor
There is a built-in light sensor so that the screen can automatically insert the light piece on the screen. This means that the screen will always appear clear.
Gorilla Glass Lens
On a Wahoo Elemnt Roam, the glass is made in a new Gorilla Glass that makes the screen super strong in the toughest conditions.
Integrated Out-Front Mount
There is of course a nice integrated outfront mount in the box when you buy a Wahoo Roam. It is super aerodynamic as you know it from Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. On Element Roam, however, you can also tighten its Elemnt Roam to the holder so that it becomes part of the bike. This means that it is not only stolen or smoked but also that you can have your computer mounted during weighing for the UCI race.
Bluetooth Sensors: Pulse, Speed, Cadence and Watts
Wifi: Yes
Phone compatible: IOS and Android
GPS: Yes
Weight: 95g
Screen size 2.7"
Battery life Up to 17 hours (rechargeable)
Quicklook LEDs Yes
Mounts included: Out front and stem


  1. Product has been removed from the Danish website

  2. Thanks for the info! This looks so nice!!

  3. top!!!

  4. Nothing about the WATCH RIVAL ??!!!

    • 11/23/2017: The device has never been sold or marketed anywhere.

  5. Today Wahoo finally updated their Elemnt app (email about it was sent long time ago), so something new is comming soon 🙂

  6. Infos of Edge 830 now available to public.

  7. found this –

    not much info though

    • Nice find. It doesn’t work not but I was able to view it a couple of times. Visually though, thought they would have done a better job at keeping the screen looking smudge free. Lol It was a little distracting.

    • Nice. Looks smooth but from what I understood of this promo video there’s nothing that makes this one really better than the Bolt in my opinion.

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