Looks like Garmin have been cooking something up and are almost ready to launch. This report suggests it will have built in LTE networking and so could be the Garmin Marq we mentioned previously It also has NFC (Wrist payment) and Bluetooth as expected. It doesn’t seem to have Ant+ transmission so possibly doesn’t have… Read Article →

Not a lot going on in Suunto land this month. Suunto Update Suunto Suunto Update There isn’t a lot of news this month on Suunto unless you count dive watches. Nothing on the FCC site of note this month. Elsewhere on the web, here are some recent Suunto stories: https://the5krunner.com/2018/11/19/suunto-9-glonass-more-firmware-stuff/ https://the5krunner.com/2018/11/20/sony-gps-accuracy-suunto-polar-coros/ https://gpsrumors.com/deep-dive-data-vs-information https://gpsrumors.com/deep-dive-data-vs-information-2 https://gpsrumors.com/deep-dive-structured-training-part-2 Updates… Read Article →

The Rival may now be getting closer. Thanks to reader Greg who posted a link to the manual at https://fccid.io/PADWF119/User-Manual/TempConfidential-WF119-User-Manual-2017-12-01-3665010.pdf Wahoo Update Wahoo Watches Wahoo Bike Computers Wahoo Update No real updates on Wahoo this month from around the web. Updates ELEMNT WF48-2159 – 7 November, 2018 FIXED: ELEMNT/BOLT automatically switching to Pioneer pedaling monitor mode… Read Article →

This month the Vantage appeared and is shipping in volume. We’re not expecting new devices from Polar now, but firmware updates should be pretty regular going forwards. Polar Update Polar Watches Polar Bike Computers Polar Update There have been a few updates from various sites: https://the5krunner.com/2018/11/08/polar-vantage-review-polar-vantage-m-review/ https://the5krunner.com/2018/11/06/polar-vantage-m-accuracy-polar-vantage-accuracy/ https://the5krunner.com/2018/11/04/polar-vantage-v-review-short-review/ https://gpsrumors.com/deep-dive-data-vs-information https://gpsrumors.com/deep-dive-data-vs-information-2 https://gpsrumors.com/oops-something-went-wrong https://gpsrumors.com/deep-dive-polar-vantage-v-structured-training-part-5-of-4-bonus-edition Updates Version 1.2.3… Read Article →

Please note that I didn’t put any effort into getting the screens represented as lifelike in this post so colour saturation is mainly down to the camera not the screens. All three look a little washed out in real life, even in the bright evening sunshine shown here. That said, the Vantage seems a bit… Read Article →

There are a few bits of news around Garmin this month, but nothing I’d consider major. There is no more news around their Marq watch. They have launched the Instinct, a kind of cut down Fenix for cheap. Garmin Update Garmin Watches Garmin Bike Computers Garmin Update Elsewhere on the web, here are some recent… Read Article →

Introduction 01100111 01110000 01110011 01110010 01110101 01101101 01101111 01110010 01110011 00101110 01100011 01101111 01101101 You probably don’t know what the above says, other than a bunch of binary numbers. The numbers are below: 103 112 115 114 117 109 111 114 115 46 99 111 109 These are, in fact, ASCII codes. They say “gpsrumors.com”…. Read Article →

So we’ve probably all worked out that I’m quite opinionated by now! I like to think that I’m just saying what we’re all thinking 🙂 Today we’ll talk about “sports profiles”. Now, to me, a sports profile, app, whatever you want to call it consists of a specific mode on a device for handling a… Read Article →

Oh no! I took some watches for a bit of a run this evening since I was staying in a hotel in town, and one of those was the new Vantage V. Now, admittedly I did put it through a lot of stress at the start of the run. My Garmin Forerunner 935 spotted the… Read Article →

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