Polar have released the December update for the Vantage watches (both get the update). I’ve yet to test it, but I have installed it without problems over Bluetooth from the app. Are you listening Suunto? Wireless without a PC, app or cable; like magic! Nothing like the 1990’s Spartan experience at all. It did take…many… Read Article →

  Somewhere out there, there are some gods laughing. I publicly admitted to trusting my Garmin and within days there’s a problem. Now, I’m not going to be too harsh on Garmin here. I have been in the past when they’ve neglected to test obvious stuff and then a failure occurs. This failure seems to… Read Article →

Today I was going to post a response about hardware integration to the recent comments on the site. I was going to explain how hard it is to integrate hardware as complex as LTE into a platform. Oh well, ma√Īana as they say here (that’s Spanish for dreckly for those from more civilised parts). Instead… Read Article →

  If you’re going to ride up mountains, don’t start at sea level. It’s all well and good going to 1000m but if you started at 800m it’s technically a hill. Starting at the beach you feel every inch of elevation. If you’re going to plan a ride while on holiday, don’t drink Bacardi and… Read Article →

So here I am in Lanzarote trying to get some training in before xmas. It’s very nice here. Still the right temperature for training in shorts and t-shirt or summer cycling gear. The outdoor Olympic pools even let me get a speedo shaped tan line while swimming. You get the idea; I’m in my happy… Read Article →

OK so I feel a little bad posting this, and apologise directly to Doug B at Garmin who will probably not enjoy this post (the below words are his). This is kind of the purpose of the site though, and I personally think it will do them more good than harm generating a bit of… Read Article →

Looks like Garmin have been cooking something up and are almost ready to launch. This report suggests it will have built in LTE networking and so could be the Garmin Marq we mentioned previously It also has NFC (Wrist payment) and Bluetooth as expected. It doesn’t seem to have Ant+ transmission so possibly doesn’t have… Read Article →

Not a lot going on in Suunto land this month. Suunto Update Suunto Suunto Update There isn’t a lot of news this month on Suunto unless you count dive watches. Nothing on the FCC site of note this month. Elsewhere on the web, here are some recent Suunto stories: https://the5krunner.com/2018/11/19/suunto-9-glonass-more-firmware-stuff/ https://the5krunner.com/2018/11/20/sony-gps-accuracy-suunto-polar-coros/ https://gpsrumors.com/deep-dive-data-vs-information https://gpsrumors.com/deep-dive-data-vs-information-2 https://gpsrumors.com/deep-dive-structured-training-part-2 Updates… Read Article →

The Rival may now be getting closer. Thanks to reader Greg who posted a link to the manual at https://fccid.io/PADWF119/User-Manual/TempConfidential-WF119-User-Manual-2017-12-01-3665010.pdf Wahoo Update Wahoo Watches Wahoo Bike Computers Wahoo Update No real updates on Wahoo this month from around the web. Updates ELEMNT WF48-2159 – 7 November, 2018 FIXED: ELEMNT/BOLT¬†automatically switching to Pioneer pedaling monitor mode… Read Article →

This month the Vantage appeared and is shipping in volume. We’re not expecting new devices from Polar now, but firmware updates should be pretty regular going forwards. Polar Update Polar Watches Polar Bike Computers Polar Update There have been a few updates from various sites: https://the5krunner.com/2018/11/08/polar-vantage-review-polar-vantage-m-review/ https://the5krunner.com/2018/11/06/polar-vantage-m-accuracy-polar-vantage-accuracy/ https://the5krunner.com/2018/11/04/polar-vantage-v-review-short-review/ https://gpsrumors.com/deep-dive-data-vs-information https://gpsrumors.com/deep-dive-data-vs-information-2 https://gpsrumors.com/oops-something-went-wrong https://gpsrumors.com/deep-dive-polar-vantage-v-structured-training-part-5-of-4-bonus-edition Updates Version 1.2.3… Read Article →

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