New watch coming!

Ok so I have no direct proof, but DCRainmaker tweeted this weekend that someone on his flight was wearing an unreleased and unannounced sports watch. He also implied that he has one for testing in a reply to comments.
I wouldn’t expect a Fenix 4 at this point but we are expecting a 920XT replacement in late summer, or possibly one with HR built in.
Polar and Suunto are both late at this point with new toys so hopefully we’ll see something from one of them release something which can stand up to the Garmin devices. Polar have already shown off colour screens so must have a colour update to v800 in the works. Suunto baffle me and seem to release thousands of new watches which differ only in firmware. When they did change the hardware recently it was almost identical to the old hardware and is missing the crucial colour screen so fingers crossed Ambit 4 is on the way with snazzy new hardware.

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  1. if the F3 sold more than the 920 by a big margin and you were a Garmin shareholder. Would you want an F4 first or a 930?

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