New Garmin

The FCC Site has a new Garmin watch added. It’s definitely round and definitely has a black wrist band, Wifi, Bluetooth (transmit and receive) as well as touch screen.

So what could it be?
Fenix 5 Plus or Fenix 6
This would make sense as a Fenix 5 Ultra edition to add in touch screen. I’m not sure though, as there aren’t that many people asking for touch here. With the coming of maps and music to the range though, Garmin may do something different here.
Fenix Chronos 2
It’s possible Garmin have found a way to bring touch to a thin and good looking watch. This would cement the Chronos as a premium device where they try out new stuff. We’re expecting the Fenix 6 in January and so a Chronos about now would make sense from a timeline perspective.
Forerunner 645 Touch
It’s be weird to release a touch 645 so soon after the other one. Also weird not to use the 245 name if that was the plan. I’m going to stick my neck out and just say this is unlikely.
Forerunner 745XT
This watch has literally no purpose right now, so a touch version based on 945 hardware might make sense. But really, adding touch to the lower numbered device would just be confusing so they’re better off letting this die off.
A new high end Approach
The S60 showed that golf is big enough to justify custom hardware for Garmin. Golf is also traditionally a sport associated with wealth, and so it makes sense to offer something a bit more high end. Perhaps something adding in multi-sport but keeping to the “this is a golf watch” theme so keeping maps and touch.

It will be interesting to see the outcome here as right now it’s hard to tell. Garmin will have at least 45 days confidentiality on the external pictures once the device is authorised, so a potential June/July announcement makes this a strong contender for the Christmas market. To me, that suggests a Fenix something since we didn’t get a 5Plus this year and everyone will be expecting one in January so will hold off over the holidays if that’s what they want.


  1. Could it be the long overdue 245? BTW, is it that difficult to make a “touch screen turned off” option? I understand buttons are much more preferred for running for most people (not me), but your 24/7 use and even cycling (when on the wrist) is much more convenient when you could swipe. Having this option could help sell watches to both worlds.

    • Never really worried too much about touch screen. I think that eats into the battery life. A long battery life is Paramount in watches aimed at the endurance croud. With the map features found in the new Fenix 5 Plus line up; touchscreen may enhance usability for sure. Other than navigating the map, touch screen is pretty much useless for the endurance athlete. Well placed and easy to press buttons are most important because it makes the watch easier to navigate when running or biking at full force 🙂

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for Fenix 6 or Fenix Plus with the options;
    a) Music
    b) Heart Rate monitoring while swimming
    c) Contactless payment

    • Yesss!!!👍🏻👍🏻

  3. I’m looking at getting a mid range Garmin gps watch for running, activity tracking and general fitness. I’ve been looking at the Vivoactive HR and Vivosport (€200-250 range) which would you recommend? Also is the Vivoactive 3 that mush better?
    Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

  4. It might be the FR235 lite (China) that was recently announced.

    • With WiFi and touchscreen?

  5. Here is another one:
    This one was tested with both silicone and titanium wrist bands.

  6. a rumour suggests 3 models are lined up.
    the rumour-monger knew no more than that.
    my guess/hopes would be

    1. fr245 or cut down 235 (latter unlikely for geo reasons)
    2. f5+ – these have been subject of numerous rumour sources over many months. yes it will fix could be added as that works alright and globally. payments do not work properly globally. so maybe it would have glonass 😉
    3. A FR245M – would be an interesting move. music is after all a mass market thing and not the realms of the richer amongst us.
    4. 745xt – garmin need a mid- low-tier tri offering BY PRICE. they will fudge some features to half-justify a lower price.
    5. golf watch – yes this would be very boring but sadly quite likely. do triathletes or golfers have teh most money to blow on gadgets? must be a close one.

    but that’s a lot of announcements there so 2 similar models 245 and 245M + a F5+ (hardware fix) i hope is the most likely and sensible.

  7. VA3M is the one. obvious in hindsight

    • There isn’t officially a VA3M yet, so it’s not really hindsight 🙂

  8. In next 10 days we will have V3M, F5+, and 45/45M launches.

  9. I hope its a F5+ like the rest but no way touch is coming to the fenix range. It must be a Vivoactive 3 Music. Wifi is for music streaming services. the rest is already on VA3.

    The fenix and 935 are still selling well (especially with current discounts) and GarminPay is being tested on Va3 and 645 customers until it is better supported.

    Just bring me an F6 already, give me some mobile data so I can leave my phone (don’t need calls just remote “track me”, texts and sos as diabetic and need phone always) oh and get F6 to 45mm diameter and <13.5mm thick and keep 14 day battery life and take my card details. Dont want/need music or payments. Just my 2p worth.

  10. Some leaked photo’s of the Fenix 5 plus:

  11. What would you buy for a 50 mile/week runner looking for quick GPS connection (considering value for money)?
    – brand new fr 25 ($100)
    – brand new fr 30 ($150)
    – brand new fr 35 ($170)
    – certified refurbished fr 235 ($170)

    • If you’re just doing a little running all of those will be great, and virtually identical for your use. Buy the one you prefer the look of. In terms of features they will all upload via Bluetooth to your phone and will all track runs with GPS. They also support footpods (not power based ones though) so if you wish to get more responsive pace you can use these. GPS pace updates every 5 seconds so can be frustrating for some people.
      None of these are recent models, but it doesn’t sound like latest and greatest is your thing. To get a broader feature set the VivoActive 3 would be the one to go for.

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