Garmin to release at CES

OK so I feel a little bad posting this, and apologise directly to Doug B at Garmin who will probably not enjoy this post (the below words are his). This is kind of the purpose of the site though, and I personally think it will do them more good than harm generating a bit of buzz. If you think it’s going to harm your holiday sales STOP LAUNCHING JUST AFTER XMAS. It just annoys your dedicated fans.

So without further ado…Garmin will be launching their (probably) Wear OS LTE touch device at CES. Assuming CES is a big trade show for Garmin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  1. Many thanks, lusty.
    You are the best as usual! 🙌🏼

  2. Oh, please do keep launching after Christmas! It keeps my wallet sorta filled…

    • The popularity of this site would suggest more people regret buying gifts at Xmas than are glad of the short wait. Those receiving a gift too seem upset that just 10 days later it’s old hat and replaced.
      I see your point but I don’t think it’s a popular one 🙂

  3. Don’t have time to do it on my own site but this is what’s coming.
    Garmin is releasing a VÍVOACTIVE® 3 version with a CAT-1 LTE Module (2AN5Z-001R1) (see label IPH-A3405)
    You can have a look at the details yourself by looking at the details of both the current Vivoactive 3 (IPH-03405) and the module.
    The current Vivoactive (see internal photos) already has a reserved space for the module (15x15mm).

    Specs from the module (downloadable):
    ALT1210MOD-VZ-01 is the smallest CAT-1 LTE module offering LTE connectivity for space constraint devices such as sport watches, kid’s trackers, music players and other wearable devices. This module is ideal for moderate bandwidth applications requiring real – time communication along with long battery life.

    • This would be fascinating news indeed. Not because of the watch but the implication that Garmin have put the effort in to integrate LTE with their OS (let’s call it ConnectOS, I don’t think it has a name). That integration work would allow all ConnectOS devices to inherit LTE in their next generation. That would include Fenix 6 and Forerunner 945.
      That’s why my first thought was WearOS since someone else has done the extra work. Can’t wait to find out!

      • You overestimate the work that needs to be done when using the “module”.
        The module takes care of almost everything (the build in uC takse care of that) so “all” Garmin has to to do is use the easy commands. Very easy to use those commands in their existing watch platform. No reason to create or rename their current platform OS.
        It’s not a phone where you put in your SIM and have contact with every site in the world, Garmin has control of the connection and types supported.
        I don’t know anything but i do know Garmin wants revenue.
        Depending on implementation CAT-1 LTE/CAT-M1 mode, telecom agreements and everything else this could be the beginning of a subscription model based on amount and type of data used. If you want to be connected you pay what you use. (*1st year free subscription included)

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