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Not a lot going on in Suunto land this month. Suunto Update Suunto Suunto Update There isn’t a lot of news this month on Suunto unless you count dive watches. Nothing on the FCC site of note this month. Elsewhere on the web, here are some recent Suunto stories: Updates… Read Article →

Please note that I didn’t put any effort into getting the screens represented as lifelike in this post so colour saturation is mainly down to the camera not the screens. All three look a little washed out in real life, even in the bright evening sunshine shown here. That said, the Vantage seems a bit… Read Article →

Introduction 01100111 01110000 01110011 01110010 01110101 01101101 01101111 01110010 01110011 00101110 01100011 01101111 01101101 You probably don’t know what the above says, other than a bunch of binary numbers. The numbers are below: 103 112 115 114 117 109 111 114 115 46 99 111 109 These are, in fact, ASCII codes. They say “”…. Read Article →

Introduction Now see the Vantage version of this post! In this post we’ll follow on from part three where I discussed how Garmin does it, part two where I looked at Suunto and part one where I discussed the whole background of structured training. This time we’re looking at the Polar platform. As mentioned previously… Read Article →

In this post we’ll follow on from part one where I discussed what structured training is. This time we’re looking at the platform implementations of this functionality. I used a Fenix 5/Forerunner 935, Spartan Trainer Wrist HR, and a Polar M430 for these posts. I believe all platforms are now relatively similar between models which… Read Article →

This month the main news is the Suunto bait and switch I mentioned recently where Suunto have been naughty and got reviews for their Suunto 9 Baro but all the reviewers thought it was called Suunto 9. There now is a Suunto 9 and it’s not what was reviewed, and also we’re back to Suunto’s… Read Article →

Nightmare. NIGHTMARE. Computers, in case you hadn’t noticed, are capable of a great many things. They automate so that we don’t need to do things ourselves. Like little servants, they are supposed to do what we need them to, in the way we would like them to. Watches are little computers… So, why am I… Read Article →

Finally Polar are set to launch today. TFK will have info at 12:00 BST at so please check out that link as I’m sure it’ll be comprehensive. I’d assume will also cover this with a detailed review but as ever Ray doesn’t give hints. In other news, Suunto have released “new” models. I’m… Read Article →

Not a lot of updates on the Suunto front this month. Suunto Update Suunto Suunto Update Suunto have just released the 9 and we already had the fitness 3. We can therefore confidently predict at least a 5 and 7 to be released over the coming year. With this in mind I’d be wary of… Read Article →

I’ve split this down again as it was getting unweildy and I think there is some more value I can add given some space. Feedback on the new formats welcome. Also, this way Garmin isn’t at the top all the time so it’s a little more fair to the others. In case nobody noticed the… Read Article →

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