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Now a regular feature, here’s the round-up of recommendations so everything is in one place, and so we have a nice record of speculations updated for July 2017… I was waiting for the Edge1030 info to arrive but I think it may be a couple more weeks yet so here we go. In alphabetical order… Read Article →

OK, yes, I recently said you were safe with the existing products. Times change though, and new information comes along to change things. Recently Garmin launched the Approach S60, a golfing watch. We all know that Garmin like to re-use hardware platforms where they can, and I think this will be the case here. The… Read Article →

Sometimes I look at the page stats of the site and find something interesting. Recently I noticed that you were all obsessed with a new Forerunner 245 (FR245) although that seems to be dying down a little now (looks like it’s landing in the next few months though along with the Forerunner 645…). I guess… Read Article →

I’m partially guessing but Polar appear to have hosted some press in Madeira this week judging by their feeds, and some comments from well known bloggers. I can’t see anything in the FCC or trademarks, or even any rumours yet. If said event took place, it certainly included cycling, so it would seem either the… Read Article →

UPDATE – Screenshots added from another site. Sorry I don’t really have time to investigate right now but take a look at this link in the mean time. I can’t see it being true myself but I’ve been wrong before. To my eye this looks too similar to Fenix 3 so there’s no reason to… Read Article →

Sorry everyone, I’m late to the party on this one. I do have a real job 🙂 Thanks to The5kRunner for posting this first, although it seems he was late too! Suunto have registered a new device with the FCC, the “Spartan trainer”. This device seems to put the GPS bump back as it… Read Article →

It’s looking ever more likely that a new high end watch will arrive soon from Polar. Although nothing is on FCC right now there are some hints. Firstly, it’s been way too long since v800 was released. It’s a great watch (finally) but was dated a few months after release when Garmin dropped the 920XT… Read Article →

OK, so this one is now officially “overdue”. The garmin-930xt was due in October this year based on a two year cycle. The burning question on everyone’s keyboard then is “should I get a 920XT for xmas?”. The answer, dear reader, has never been more complicated. With Fenix Chronos Garmin have muddied the waters in… Read Article →

So, we were all fooled by the Garmin Fenix Chronos FCC application. Well I was anyway. I still won’t be surprised to see a Fenix 4 announcement at CES but considering the lack of meaningful new hardware updates they could make we might actually be a year out. I certainly don’t have the confidence to… Read Article →

As I mentioned a while ago Polar have another watch in the pipeline called the M200. It looks like this is very close as the FCC posting is in, may even be this week. It’s a round faced watch and looks pretty basic to me. Although there is colour in the picture, I would guess… Read Article →

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