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I bet you didn’t think you’d see a post about Ant+ vs Bluetooth going into 2019! But nevertheless here we are. This is a topic that bugs me any time I see it in a forum or comment section. On the one hand you have supporters of Ant+ who have been quietly using sensors for… Read Article →

Just kidding, that’s lawyer bait. The title I was gonna go with is “Reflecting on 2018” but sometimes you have to draw attention to things. All now resolved and hopefully Peloton have worked out how the Internet works, and for that matter how language works. By the way, I’m trademarking the words “Infringing” and “infringed”… Read Article →

Nothing that warrants a full post at the moment, although I do have a few in the works coming soon. The recent Polar firmware seems to be an improvement. The intervals function is weird to use but I guess that’s just an interface decision I don’t agree with. Others may like setting up their intervals… Read Article →

  Somewhere out there, there are some gods laughing. I publicly admitted to trusting my Garmin and within days there’s a problem. Now, I’m not going to be too harsh on Garmin here. I have been in the past when they’ve neglected to test obvious stuff and then a failure occurs. This failure seems to… Read Article →

Today I was going to post a response about hardware integration to the recent comments on the site. I was going to explain how hard it is to integrate hardware as complex as LTE into a platform. Oh well, mañana as they say here (that’s Spanish for dreckly for those from more civilised parts). Instead… Read Article →

  If you’re going to ride up mountains, don’t start at sea level. It’s all well and good going to 1000m but if you started at 800m it’s technically a hill. Starting at the beach you feel every inch of elevation. If you’re going to plan a ride while on holiday, don’t drink Bacardi and… Read Article →

So here I am in Lanzarote trying to get some training in before xmas. It’s very nice here. Still the right temperature for training in shorts and t-shirt or summer cycling gear. The outdoor Olympic pools even let me get a speedo shaped tan line while swimming. You get the idea; I’m in my happy… Read Article →

So we’ve probably all worked out that I’m quite opinionated by now! I like to think that I’m just saying what we’re all thinking 🙂 Today we’ll talk about “sports profiles”. Now, to me, a sports profile, app, whatever you want to call it consists of a specific mode on a device for handling a… Read Article →

I’m going to leave the below on the site. While on my flight I eventually found the workout menu and it does have ad hoc workouts. The fact that it took me several hours to find though? Still a fail. I even consulted the manual before my rant and it didn’t really help as it… Read Article →

I’ve been playing with the Vivosmart 4 for a few days now and especially the body battery and Pulse Ox gubbins. Enough to draw some initial conclusions which I think have been bubbling away in my subconscious for a while now. From my (admitedly naive) perspective, there are a few kinds of tiredness. Sleepy –… Read Article →

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