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Well, there is the second round screened watch we predicted last week. Garmin released the 735XT today, a triathlon focussed watch in the same oHR body as the 235 running watch.

Ok so I have no direct proof, but DCRainmaker tweeted this weekend that someone on his flight was wearing an unreleased and unannounced sports watch. He also implied that he has one for testing in a reply to comments. I wouldn’t expect a Fenix 4 at this point but we are expecting a 920XT replacement… Read Article →

Ok, so we’ve been expecting an Edge 820 and an Edge 1010 for a while. As I noted the other day Garmin just discounted some older units. Now… Garmin have TWO stands at Sea Otter! This is it kids, this time I’m almost probably certain they might release a new bike computer… For what it’s… Read Article →

The Garmin Edge 810 has gone on sale. This could indicate an upcoming release of a replacement whether that is an 800 series or 1000 series since both of these are fairly old devices at this point. I wouldn’t necessarily expect an imminent release, but something mid-late summer might be a possibility. This puts the… Read Article →

It looks like an update to the Tactix range will also Debut at CES This year. Based on Fenix 3 hardware but with added military functionality like the original Tactix. I give you, the Tactix Bravo…

Well, time for me to eat some humble pie! Looks like there will be a Fenix 3 HR appearing at CES 2016 after all. Thanks to reader Sam for the heads up. The image name clearly says Fenix 3 HR so I still don’t expect a Fenix 4 folks.

Recommendation: Buy the Edge 1000 if you need a computer Expected Early 2017 seems most likely, probably at CES. History Product Announced Available Edge 1000 APR 9, 2014 MAY 2014 Edge 1010 2017? Features Likely ConnectIQ 2 support Better Screen Better battery life ANT+ FE-C trainer control Varia Radar/light support GLONASS Unlikely Bluetooth sensor support… Read Article →

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Recommendation: Imminent Expected Early2016 seems most likely, probably at CES.Summer 2016 if at all. History Product Announced Available Edge 800 AUG 26, 2010 NOV 2010 Edge 810 JAN 7, 2013 JAN 2013 Edge 820 JAN 2016? Features Likely ConnectIQ support Cycling Dynamics Better Screen Slimmer Improved Bluetooth Capacitive Touch screen ANT+ FE-C trainer control Varia… Read Article →

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