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Recommendation: Wait, new watch due shortly History Product Announced Available Forerunner 305 JAN 3, 2006 FEB 2006 Forerunner 310XT APR 2, 2009 JUN 2009 Forerunner 910XT OCT 4, 2011 JAN-APR 2012 Forerunner 920XT Oct 1st, 2014 Early Oct 2014 Forerunner 930XT Oct 2016? Notes We’re not expecting a new 920XT replacement any time soon. Possibly… Read Article →

Recommendation: Overdue, wait and hope Expected mid 2016 Product Announced Available RS800CX SEPTEMBER 15, 2008 unknown RCX 5 MAR 21, 2011 JUNE 2011 v800 JAN 6TH, 2014 MAY 2014 Features Likely Colour screen Running dynamics Store and forward HR data H7i Sensor Hi-Def HR data App Store Changeable straps like the other new Polar watches… Read Article →

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