Weird Polar v800 Stats – my conclusions

Sometimes I look at the page stats of the site and find something interesting. Recently I noticed that you were all obsessed with a new Forerunner 245 (FR245) although that seems to be dying down a little now (looks like it’s landing in the next few months though along with the Forerunner 645…). I guess that was a pre-season peak when you wanted something new for the summer.

Today though, I saw something new. For the first time (I think) ever, Polar v800 replacement has overtaken Garmin edge in the interest charts. Yes, more people are looking for a new v850 or whatever it’ll be called than are looking for the Edge 1010. That’s weird. Not that Polar aren’t successful, they are, but Garmin are a behemoth and own the bike computer market so there are naturally more users there.

This means a few things. Firstly, as we are all painfully aware, Polar are WAY overdue with an update there. The v800 is a great device but in a world of Spartan and Fenix 5 it’s just starting to look a little sad and outdated. Secondly, if there are this many people searching Polar will be starting to lose loyal customers. People who are ready for a new toy only wait for so long, and masses of searches kind of indicate that we’re seeing people itching for a new toy. Those people may wait a month but they won’t be waiting until January (CES) that’s for sure.

Polar need to launch soon to let customers know they have a plan. It’ll be frustrating if the device isn’t quite finished or ready to ship, but the longer they wait the fewer customers there will be queuing up for the device. Let’s hope there’s something cool in the works at Polar, or at least something colour with all day oHR (as recently added elsewhere in their range). Hopefully Polar are testing the waters on those other devices before v850 launch to ensure bug free and fully featured firmware.


  1. I hope Polar show their New toy at IM Kona…

    • I actually think that’s probably a bit late but could well be when they do it.

  2. So the 235 successor will be the 645 huh. That’s interesting. Hopefully we learn more soon and it hits before the summer ends

    • Sorry, I’ve updated the text. I think the 245 and 645 will come at the same time as they usually do.

      • Thanks for clearing that up. I hope they announce and launch soon my ms band is not holding up well, soon it might all be electrical tape except the screen !

  3. Hope to get a more specific date for the FR245 since my Vivoactive HR just died. I found that is does not whit stand a hit with a tennisracket 🙁

    • yea my band is dieing and I want a new watch before the Disney land half . So I’m hoping they speed things up

  4. I’m waiting till end of summer and jump the ship. No drama, no complains – just a fact.

  5. Last week Polar V800 updated with Stryd support. Training with power and running metrics….

  6. i´m waiting since autumn 2016 for the v800 replacement….

    i currently use a M400 which is by now 2 1/2 years old with daily use. It´s time for an upgrade. Still waiting for a v800 replacement but if Polar doesn´t announce soon, i´m forced to go to grab a 735xt or 935 because my M400 won´t make it that long anymore…

    i don´t understand why Polar doesn´t leak just a little info what we can expect on the next watch, either they have nothing in the pipeline or want a immediate shipping of the new watch right after the announcement.

    • I think they have definitely something coming, but …
      are probably afraid that if they leak something, people will be waiting for that new watch and will not buy what is on sale right now. In the end of the day they need to make money.
      I have also been waiting a new watch close to two years. Sold my Suunto Ambit 2 Sapphire and been using Iphone and a H7 strap.
      Hope it does not have touch screen (looking at you Suunto Spartan).
      Color screen with good optical heart rate tracking and something that can be worn all day.

  7. I totally agree with the article on V800 successor. Time is running I have a V800 for sometime but I am constantly delaying the eventual purchase the Suunto Spartan HR as I believe Polar will have a V800 successor soon that will take my eyes from the Suunto and keep me loyal to Polar since when I bought my first Polar in the 90’s.
    Let’s hope the announcement is soon.

    • 100% agree
      my opinion/experiences the last years:
      garmin got nice watches with nice features but their garmin connect plattform sucks
      suunto is very pricey and they deliver buggy watches though their online plattform looks promising and they continue developing it.
      polar got stable hardware with little bugs, they sometimes struggle in keeping promised features (v800 updates etc.) but once they are available they work. their online platform is the nicest i´d say, looks clean and modern.

  8. don’t forget to consider ACCURACY. MANY people at least want the illusion of accuracy…others the illusion of working FEATURES
    FLOW: I don’t think it looks TOO great but it has the functions that are useful and work
    movescount: slow but pretty with novelty areas (some even useful)
    garmin: useless for anyone more than just vaguely interested in their data.

  9. there is a sort of an announcement in a Babbittville Radio podcast. They talk about a successor for V800 in Spring 2018 🙁

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