Warning! Spring sales are here!

Spring sales YAY! But…a warning you say?

Yes, there is a reason these sales happen and it’s not to get you the latest tech at low low prices. Before you venture into the sale, check out the May Monthly Roundup to see whether that device you covet is about to be replaced with a newer shinier model.

Don’t panic though, these things won’t expire in June just because they’ve been replaced. This site is all about minimising disappointment, so as long as you buy with the knowledge you’re getting fully functional devices which may be replaced soon GO FOR IT. They will be a great training aide for years to come.

More importantly, the new devices are unlikely to bring the features you would actually want. Sport specific units, for instance. How about settings which synchronise without appearing to randomly change things on the watch? I’m sure the next generation will be able to roast and brew fresh coffee mid-marathon, but somehow running a 5k and riding a 100 miler is something just beyond their ken.

Now where was I…oh yes, SALES ARE HERE 🙂


  1. Until now it’s awfully still as it goes about new product releases. We all know Garmin, Wahoo, Suunto and Polar are up to something because of the FCC registrations yet nothing new has been shown or leaked lately.

    It’s quite frustrating when you are in need of something new but know that there are some new goodies coming. I once have been bitten by Garmin with buying a brand new FR225 which was replaced within 3 months 🙁

  2. I keep seeing lots of posts saying new watches are imminent from the big players. when is it likely we will see a round of watches fro Garmin. I am keen to buy a new watch an cant decide between an FR645 (non M) or a Fenix 5. I don’t need 60% of what the F5 can do but I love the aesthetics. But I would like NFC payments of the 645 but hate the silver bezel aesthetics. That could lead to the VA3 in gunmetal. Better looks Than 645, NFC, but a bit “simple”. Desperate to see what is coming this summer/fall but leaks are very sparse. I suppose I am asking, in general, do you typically see leaks in may, June, July and when if at all would the product cycle make sense for an F5+ (F5 with music and NFC) or is it already too late and its likely an F6 next year?

    • Nope, Fenix 5 plus series coming soon and with NFC.

    • maybe those posts will turn out to be correct.
      There are plenty enough leaks around.
      To answer your question, leaks happen all the time. Ranging from deliberate internal ones to accidental internal ones to leaks in the distribution channels (ie shops posting the devices as available for sale like the VA3Music…argos)

  3. How long after a sale is the next gen usually announced? The Fenix 5 going on sale all over certainly seems indicative something new may be on the way.

    • If it’s announced today it won’t be in your hands until Christmas knowing Garmin. Do you need music and payment services that badly? For training purposes I’d happily go back to a 920XT, but the 935 is a definite step up and I expect the next gen to be too. Importantly though almost nothing has improved for actual training. I also had the Fenix 3 and have the Fenix 5, both look nice but aren’t as good as the Forerunner equivalents. The Fenix 5 is simply incapable of getting a consistent signal from the Vector 3 pedals. Fenix is also heavier. It’s much nicer as a work watch though, which is why I keep it so I always have a tracker on me 🙂

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