Wahoo Rival

Sorry for the short post I don’t have access to a computer today. The FCC confidentiality period is now over and Wahoo Rival pics are available. Fingers crossed we’ll see some news today when the USA wakes up 🙂


  1. The Rival is being delayed: check out the dismissal letter https://fccid.io/PADWF119/Letter/Request-for-Dismissal-FCC-ID-PADWF119-16May2018-3858344

    • That’s interesting. I’ve a lot of respect for a company who delays a launch if something isn’t ready (looking at you Polar/Garmin!!)

  2. Pretty disappointed to see this. Yes I’m glad that Wahoo is waiting to make sure the product is ready but by the time this is released we’ll likely have plenty of info on the pixel watch. Maybe the offering will justify owning both but probably only if google’s offering falls short in some way.

    • It’s very unlikely Google will create a watch with the sort of battery life a sports watch will have. Compare a Fenix 5 to the Apple watch for instance, 1 day (ish) compared to several weeks. In activity this is even more important, with a Garmin getting a couple of days battery in Ultratrack and a full day in normal tracking mode. They are aimed at different market segments so will be very different beasts. DCRainmaker always says an Apple watch (and by assumption Android would fit here) makes a great office watch for calendar and email type stuff. For sports though, a sports watch will be significantly better for a while yet.

      • the distinctions are blurring with every passing quarter between sports watches and fitness watches. most of us were ‘sort of’ happy with 10 hours of gps usage a few years back. google and co can do that. the rumoured pixel watch may not even be a sports watch in any case, i’d be more closely watching for the newer LG watch to see if that can leapfrog significantyl ahead of AW3/4.

    • i think we’ve seen what can happen when you release an under-featured, high-end sports watch.

    • Why are all Suuntos so big? I have very skinny arms and I look like a fool with a clock as big as Suunto’s.
      Also dislike how the strap is fastened to the watchface, or how you say it. Looks and feels stiff imo.

  3. Fenix 5+ Out =)

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