Wahoo! Finally something fun to talk about

Looks like Wahoo may have something on the horizon. The Wahoo ELEMNT Rival looks to be a multisport GPS watch. Wahoo are the only company coming close right now to competing with Garmin on the bike computer front, so a watch could be really exciting. This is especially true given the pace of development and quality of their code. Let’s hope this comes sooner rather than later!


  1. Interesting! Hope we find out more about that and a V800 successor soon!

  2. INTERESTING!!! Looking forward to it.

  3. Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  4. Wahoo Elment Rival photos have been up for awhile. Check it out in Black or White.

    • Rick, can you give us a link to those photos?

      • I would like to, but the link may not be approved by the moderator.


        • Thanks I hadn’t realised they updated the external photos! Always happy to post this kind of stuff here it’s what the site is about 🙂

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