Vivoactive 3

Wareable have leaked pictures of what they claim is the Vivoactive 3. Thanks to Don van D for bringing this to my attention (via the5krunner).

Screenshot and link below. To me this looks like a mockup rather than a photo, the back of the watch is too plain for me to be sure. It’s a good direction for Garmin if it’s real although it starts to make the wide range very difficult to justify what with all of the forerunners doing basically the same thing in basically the same form factor.

We had this pegged for next year (2018) but it may come along for the holiday season. There are a few events this month, and DCRainmaker has said there are a few product announcements imminent (the Edge 1030 almost certainly being the first…he didn’t say that though).

Interesting to see a return to the Apple style Fenix Chronos straps after all that fuss over Quickfit…



  1. For the “lower end” FR935, Garmin has still stuck with non-QF bands.. so it’s not surprising for VA3 as well. I would imagine it is QF compatible. It will be announced in the next 3 weeks, availability soon thereafter. I’m guessing the 45/245/645 will be launched as well.

    • According to the picture it will have the same style band connection as the Vivomove watches, so i don’t think there will be QF compatibility.

      The Vivomove style connection is pretty good and you can get a cheap watchband from your local watch shop.

  2. Also, I’d put good money on a “Vivomove 2” or similar coming out at the same time. Low tech, vibration alerts, optical HR, stupid high battery life.

  3. What was the fuss over quick for?

  4. 1. fcc IPH-A03256 is the vivomove HR
    2. fcc IPH-03256 is the vivomove HR
    3. fcc IPH-03190 is the vivoactive 3

    so that’ll be tomorrow or next week

  5. You may be well on top of this already, but I followed a couple links today to find the VĂ­voactive 3 user manual online… hopefully that means release announcement is soon!

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting/seeking out info on this, so I posted some highlights here, in case it’s useful to you or other readers:

    Thanks for this site!

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