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I promise I’ll update the monthlies this weekend! I’m currently on hols again relaxing in Lanzarote. Well, not relaxing so much as putting in hours of pool time, miles of cycling and a little bit of running. A couple of times I had a whole Olympic pool to myself too. Not just a lane, a whole POOL with 8 50m lanes and just me.

A few months on from my previous holiday moans now, and certainly many new firmwares on various devices. This time I brought the Suunto 9 and a Varia radar.

I’m glad I have the radar.

Issues? Yes. Months on not a lot has changed for the better. The Fenix 5 Plus crashed in the exact same way as last time – I think Spotify makes it crazy under certain circumstances. To be fair this wasn’t that disruptive now I know to just long press the off button to fully reset. The restart or power off don’t work, it just pauses for a bit and comes back broken.

The Vantage V is just not ready. Pool distances are often wrong and sometimes missing, meaning I ALWAYS have to wear a Garmin to get accurate data. So why wear the Polar? I like Flow. Even though Flow and the V spent all week telling me to stop exercising! This is due to the almost pointless algorithm it uses (similar to Garmin) whereby what you did 3 weeks ago affects the advice more than your current state. With my job, and I’m sure a lot of yours that means the advice will never be useful due to schedules getting busy and quiet. Maybe I need a human coach? Nah, I’m not keen on humans 😉

Suunto? I finally tried the 9 Baro WHR whatever in the pool. It’s fine in the pool and accurate from what I could tell. Pointless though because the Suunto app doesn’t have any function to let me consume that data. This means, like the Polar, I have to wear a Garmin as well so why wear a Suunto?

I’m really trying to get away from Garmin – they don’t seem to have an appetite to do what I want them to and improve usability/interface. The Marq looks promising though to be fair.

Oh, and the 1030? No real complaints there. The Varia was awesome in Lanzarote. It takes all of the worry out of descending and I no longer spend much time looking over my shoulder at 45mph on a mountain. This is a really good thing. The Fenix also vibrates when a car is coming which helps with headphones. Yes I wore headphones a few times, I like music while I ride. Let’s not debate the whole headphones are dangerous thing, it’s ridiculous as hearing impaired people have proven many times over. And a little buzz on the wrist really takes away the surprise of a vehicle 🙂


  1. So tell me, did you pay up for the expensive (a la Background) or the regular suites at Club La Santa 🙂

    • From what I can tell unless you pay crazy money there’s no difference other than view from the room. I’m not usually in the room so I go for the cheapest option. The only thing I would pay extra for is a hot tub but that’s £5000!

  2. When is the new 500 bike computer coming out

    • Next week?

  3. I’m all for music on a bike, but you should look into a pair of Aftershokz for your own safety. That way you get music without blocking out the surroundings.

    • I think you’re confusing safety with perception of safety. I’m just as safe with headphones in as without, same as deaf people. The trick is being aware of your surroundings, and thankfully nature provided us with a whole suite of senses which can be used in various ways. For instance I can use my eyes to look before turning. If I’m cycling at the side of a road and a car hits me, hearing it coming would make no difference because I’m already out of the way so there’s nowhere to go!

  4. Hi Lusty, I have the the Suunto 9 Baro, I mostly use it for swimming and hiking, I’m still on movescount but was thinking about migrating to the suunto App when they finally announce the “data migration app” they promised (to migrate moves from movescount to suunto app). But you’re saying the suunto app is still unusable for swimming? Why, it shows no or limited data? Can you share a bit more on this topic as i can’t find much on web…

    • basically all the app told me was that I went swimming for 30 minutes and not a lot else. There’s an HR and pace graph but both are pointless without lap info which is missing. If you set up the Suunto app and set Movescount to sync to it you will be able to see this without migrating over. Unfortunately, for me, Suunto just doesn’t have the platform right now to be useful so it stays on my desk and I test it once a month or so. Polar may not have finished the Vantage but it’s far ahead of Suunto for sports usage already.

  5. Great view of the pool, love it!

    • Yes it’s always the pools I miss the most when I come back. You can ride your bike anywhere and enjoy it, but having a 50m pool with 8 lanes to yourself is really special!

  6. This is like the urinal psychology experiment- which lane do you swim in when it’s empty?

    Also, maybe not your main interest but I thought you might have an opinion- do you have a sense for what happens to prices of watches/computers when a competitor brings out a new device? Is it a good time to buy something that has been out there for a[n undefined] length of time?

    Thank you for all the reviews and updates – they really help!

    • While competitors can affect pricing, in this industry everyone mostly knows their place in the world. One exception is that right now I’d say Vantage V is over priced given its functionality compared to others. Devices do get cheaper over time, so if cost is your main driver then buy the last generation can be a good strategy. Discounts rarely come within the first year of a product’s life. This time of year there are often sales on various fitness devices too.

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