Suunto Spartan Ultra

Apparently coming 7th June, but Gigathlon starts on the 10th so may be then since that’s a huge race sponsored by Suunto.

This may be the “Ambit 4” we’ve been waiting for coming this year! Suunto have gone a little fruity with their names recently so it’s plausible they might move away from Ambit. This watch looks pretty good as a competitor hardware to Fenix 3 and Garmin don’t seem to have anything new coming feature wise judging by the 735xt which is basically a smaller lighter Fenix 3 and added very little functionality. That’s not a bad thing, we may just have hit the end of useful additions to these watches.

Edit – ooh it’s real! FCC page

One thing that’s notable is the holes on the left side, this could be the altimeter but that’s usually one small hole. As I mentioned recently Suunto may be launching a dive/activity watch and this would make sense with that hole pattern. The 10ATM/100m water resistance would suggest this isn’t a dive watch though unfortunately.



  1. nice. where was the last image from? hadn’t seen that one. coincidentally suunto sponsor the threadneedle triathlon a few days later on 12jun. strange that.

    • That was my friend the Google image search. Judging by your caginess today you could just take photos of your test watches though 😉

      • I have no test watch 🙁

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