Suunto Spartan Trainer

Sorry everyone, I’m late to the party on this one. I do have a real job 🙂 Thanks to The5kRunner for posting this first, although it seems he was late too!

Suunto have registered a new device with the FCC, the “Spartan trainer”.

This device seems to put the GPS bump back as it was in the Ambit line, and also seems to either do away with touch screen or at least put the buttons back.

Following the recent reviews of the Spartan, this might be a good move by Suunto. Of course, it’s also going to really upset anyone who thought they already had the new Ambit replacement in the Spartan Ultra or Spartan Sport. As you can see this is an optical HR unit, but it doesn’t appear to be the Spartan Sport HR we were promised.

With thanks to javaski03, who commented on The5kRunner for the below pictures. These aren’t the originals, just some screenshots of web pages I was browsing which I thought you might all like to see…


And some screenshots of some stuff I found in the Google cache.


  1. You forgot to share one of the best specifications: the presale price of $269 (black edition).
    And i just got 100% confirmation: The Suunto Spartan Trainer is definitely not the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR

    • Yes I am a little confused by the price point compared to the others. Suunto are really doing a lot wrong at the moment, they need to announce all of the range with pricing as soon as possible, and confirm that’s everything. Right now I can’t imagine people who bought the Sport or Ultra being too happy. They also need to release the full feature set or at least be very, very open about expectations with daily or weekly communication. Until those things happen, I think many will just be too suspicious/confused/worried to invest in these watches. This is especially true when the Fenix 3 already exists and does everything. It may have faults, but Garmin have treated users reasonably well (Although with the FR225 they really upset a lot of people!). Polar are still recovering from the v800 fiasco and you’d think Suunto would have watched that one play out and tried to avoid doing it themselves!

      • i’d be VERY surprised if this has the firmware features of the AMBIT 3. How can it have the same (ish) firmware as the Spartan ultra and yet have MORE functions. Doesn’t make sense.

        People are gettgin VERY excited about good gps. Just because there is a bump this does not necessarily follow. the Spartan ultra has the same chip as the A3 for example. there are other internal factors at play to (eg shielding). so IF it is the EXACT same hardware in totality as the A3 then yes gps should be as good. but I would suspect some electronic bits will have changed in reality

        yes too, my understanding (I’m pretty sure from a source) is that this is a different OPTICAL model to that which we are expecting. it’s more that the one we were expecting is KNOWN about by some and the one on FCC is NOT it. Confirmation by elimination !!

    • Weird I thought this had become the other Spartan HR!

      • this is the cheaper ones that looks like the ambit but with Spartan firmware

  2. Any news on this? Best Suunto so far i think!

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