Suunto Epix

Recommendation: Don’t wait, this is pure speculation


Might never happen.


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  • Huge colour screen
  • Powerful platform
  • full detailed mapping


EON Steel


OK bear with me, I promise I’m not insane. Manufacturers often like to reuse a hardware platform to save money and research. What a lot of you sports folk won’t know about is that Suunto have a product called the EON Steel. This is a dive computer with a huge screen. With the Ambit 4, Suunto will be competing against the Garmin Fenix 3/4, but they don’t yet have anything to use against the Epix. Now many of us were disapointed with the Epix as the screen was just too small for what we had in mind. The EON form factor would sort this, and blast Epix out of the water. Creating this frankenwatch would in theory be easy – they have the hardware platform (although it may need scaling back a little in bulk and waterproofing) and they have the software mostly done. Adding mapping may be a challenge but one they are probably up for. So, Internet friends, what say you? Is this a likely 2016 piece of trekking awesome or am I, in fact, insane?
EON Steel Map


No news for fantasy products I’m afraid…

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