Suunto Ambit 4

Recommendation: Spartan Ultra will replace the Ambit Line


Never – Spartan Ultra replaces this.


Product Announced Available
Ambit JAN 18, 2012 APR 2012
Ambit 2 APR 29, 2013 MAY 2013
Ambit 2R JAN 28, 2014 MAR 2014
Ambit 2S APR 29, 2013 MAY 2013
Ambit 3 Peak JULY 10TH, 2014 SEPT 2014
Ambit 3 Sport JULY 10TH, 2014 SEPT 2014



  • Colour Screen
  • Vibration alerts
  • Bigger screen
  • Modern Apps
  • App Store
  • Dual BTLE/ANT+ Sensor support
  • Running Power


  • Live tracking?
  • Running Dynamics with new sensor
  • Virtual racer
  • Stress tracking


  • Strava Segments
  • Optical HR


Update – OK so I was wrong about CES 2016. Suunto have since released the Vertical and now nobody knows what they heck they are up to. The Vertical hardware was a good step, moving the GPS internal but didn’t go as far as expected and dropped various Ambit features. This leaves the vertical both better and worse than an Ambit. Weird. I still expect an Ambit 4 this year with further hardware improvements. After all, if this was all we’re getting why remove features from software?

The Ambit series has not had a major update since July 2014 when Suunto changed to BTLE sensors. Given their history with Ant+ and the backlash they faced with the swap I think it’s possible they may decide to go with dual support for the Ambit 4. The chipset will support this anyway so enabling is probably just a firmware change and a licence fee. This would make them the only major vendor with dual support and would make their customers happy.
Colour screens are a no brainer these days. Although black and white is usually easier to read while in an activity, marketing will push this through regardless to keep up with the Jones’ (aka Garmin).
Another thing that’s hard to get away from is Garmin’s “superior” support for apps. While we have yet to see this become truly useful it’s hard to resist matching them in the face of pressure coming from Android and Apple devices which have much better app support. While nobody is shouting about it, this will quickly become a must have so I expect it to come in the Ambit 4.

News – Smartwatch redesign concept UI


  1. Mr Rain on CES’16: which will be “one of the busiest sports/fitness/health technology CES’s we’ve ever seen “

  2. I’d have to agree, aside from all the Garmin gadgets we’ve not seen a lot of updates in 2015 so 2016 should be a great year. I’m expecting at the very least colour screens across all the high end watches but deeper app support would be nice too. I think we’re too early to see Android on these platforms for battery reasons but we can’t be far off seeing the specs of the Fenix 3 cpu and memory on the forums recently

  3. yes 2016 should be a good year. CES=damp squib tho. what about this outdoor show for the ambit? was that the one last weekend?

    • Yes I’ve been meaning to update everything but not had time. There’s definitely an Ambit 4 coming this year, possibly using the Vertical hardware which has internal GPS (in body) although I’d still hope for a colour screen.

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