Suunto 5

Suunto will soon release the Suunto 5. This appears to be the next generation of the Suunto Spartan Trainer since it has the GPS “hump” at the bottom. Otherwise I’d expect it to run the same software as the 9, with features matched to hardware as in the trainer.


  1. So, no Firstbeat goodies like Body Battery or VO2 Max or sleep quality score like S3F?.. Sad panda.

  2. Had hopes for a slimmed down Suunto 9 Baro with the latest Firstbeat features as a rival to FR935 and Vantage V.

    • I really think suunto lost it’s mojo i was a suunto user for more than 10 years from dive watches to t6 to core to ambit to ambit vertical but i bought a garmin instinct and i really like it hope that one day they will find the way back but just 1 watch a year nog good

      • They did release Suunto 3 Fitness and two variants of Suunto 9 (with and without barometer) last year. But yes, the game is quickly changing in terms of what people expect from a watch: not just in terms of workout tracking, but also connected functionality, activity tracking, recovery. The fact that Garmin’s MARQ is packing close to the entire Firstbeat analytics library of features, with most new additions focusing on training load and recovery (hello, Polar Vantage!), is telling.

  3. Im fully expecting Suunto to change now that its parent company has been sold to Anta sports (Chinese company) I regret buying a suunto it just doesnt have features.

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