Spartan Ultra Update

So, Suunto have confirmed that Spartan Ultra will replace the Ambit line. Sadly that’s about all they have done today as no further detail is being released until next month at which time we should be given full detail. At least now we know that Ambit 4 isn’t a thing, and when to expect updates.

The watch is likely to go on sale in August/September so we’re still early yet and I would recommend taking advantage of the sales if you want to train this summer. Ambit 3 is pretty cheap if you can deal with not having the new and shiny toy, or Fenix 3 if you’re more excitable.

“Sapphire glass, titanium or stainless steel bezel and a thoroughly tested water resistance of 100 m (328 ft) ensure the watch can take a beating and is ready for any adventure.”

Didn’t they use a lot of words to say 100m waterproof. I am continuing my speculation that this will include a depth guage and dive functionality. The grille for the altimeter has multiple holes and to say thoroughly tested 100m implies that this could be a sport diving watch – with the Dx and Eon being for more serious (i.e. deep) diving. My tired old eyes can’t quite see what the two people in the pic below are up to but it doesn’t look like an open water swim to me, and they are in a buddy pair. If you squint the one on the left might even be a pair of fins in the air…


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  1. they officially answered some of the questions from various forums that I put to them: I’m not sure myself on requirements for more serious diving. For swimming you often need 30-50m not because you will go that deep but because that is similar to, for example, some of the pressure it may receive whilst diving into a pool. so what the equivalent for ACTUALLY diving OFTEN to 30-50m is, I don’t know. You may be right tho as they also seem to be putting quite a bit of emphasis on the RUGGED nature and OUTDOOR PROOF nature of the device.

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