Power meter deal (this is not actually an advert)

OK, I don’t normally do this but tfk asked me to pass it on and I figured it’s a good deal for anyone who’s about to buy a power meter. Perhaps you’re starting to train indoors on a trainer or rollers, or just like more data…data is almost as good as cookies after all. Have a read of the5krunner.com before you buy so you know what you’re buying, and maybe head on over to dcrainmaker.com too for further coverage.

The deal is 15% off on goodies from a power meter supplier so not a bad deal. The shop is US based so do your sums if you live in a country with a crumbling currency and import duty.


Just to be clear, I get nothing from this other than kudos from you lovely readers for helping you save some cash.

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  1. Thank you for posting that.
    There’s a possibility that we can work out some special deal with Favero on their BePro for those of you who are in Europe. That product is made in Europe and there should be a good possibility of working out a way to ship direct from Italy and avoiding the customs charges. contact me below if you want to or email me via my site and we will TRY to work something out along those lines.

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