Polar Vantage V Pictures

Thanks to Pierre for the information here, it sparked off a LOT of comments!

These pics are screenshots taken with my phone yesterday as I wasn’t near a computer at the time.

I have to say, Polar have done a really great job here looking at the pictures. If these watches work well I may buy one. The only down side to me is that with my Fenix 5 and metal band I have a work wear watch while these are purely athletic looking.

While the pictures likely weren’t supposed to leak, Polar have started providing some new content, and to me it looks like they feel they have their mojo back. Like Suunto I think they’ve realised they can’t out-Garmin Garmin so they are focussing on “being the best you you can be”. About time! Sports tech has been getting worse for sports over the last few years despite a massive rise in hardware and software quality, and feature numbers. If a watch could give better advice, more accuracy, and great pace info it may just be a winner with the original target demographic – people who actually go outside and do sports.

This first link makes a good point. Some manufacturers give you the output of a sensor (data), and some give you processed information based on science (information). The latter can be used effectively for training, the former is just noise for Strava.




Please bear in mind that none of these are original images, they are pictures I took of the public Internet. No copyright theft here, and no embargo.
Two watches
Vantage V Description
White Vantage V front
Black Vantage V Back
Black Vantage V Front
Vantage M Description
Black Vantage M Front
Black Vantage M Side
Vantage M Description
White Vantage M Front


  1. OMG looks great! 🙌


  3. Wow!

    I bought my first polar in 1996, a Polar Vantage. Guess who is getting one of these! 🙂

  4. Like it!

    Any news on altitude measurement? Like now V with baro and M with gps?

    • Naiboo the Vantage V mentions: “Built-in GPS and barometer”, no info on the M.

  5. I know it’s just renders, but the screen looks pretty bright and high resolution. Do you think there is a chance it would be at the cost of always on display (a360, m600)? Hope not. Instant dealbreaker for me and many others.

  6. Thanks Pierre and Lusty. Great work. Finally something visual. Would now like to now get technical specs and find out about the new Polar Flow.
    Syncing Polar Flow from V800 is taking a horrendous amount of time these days. Due to new Flow development?
    99.9% sure will buy Vantage V because don’t think Polar would put an inferior product out. Too much at stake for them.

  7. Seems that on this Polar official video there is also a clip of vantage. You’ll see it at 19s on the video.


  8. Polar, please take my money now! 😉

    • Funny think is that I keep getting emails from Polar advertising their existing models. A few days ago an email for the V800 and all its great features, and today for the M430 and it’s advanced running features.

      It is either the right hand not talking to the left hand (surprise the marketing department, we have a new watch to sell!), or the release date rumoured for 29th September is not going to happen.

      • Well they are trying to sell the old models up until the last minute. If they present the vantage models now then nobody would buy the v800 anymore.

  9. Is it just me? but I think these look fake especially the one showing the backside!

    I totally agree that Garmin is competing more with Apple on the smartwatch features and that there is more than enough marketshare for a descent sportswatch.
    I for one would like a top level watch that is good for more than 12 months before being replaced.

    • Pics are always renders for marketing. Real photos are very difficult to do due to reflections, dust, camera features etc. The screen especially would look washed out if it wasn’t a render – Garmin does the same.

  10. Can’t wait, hope the GPS accuracy is as good as the V800.

  11. I will gladly offload my overpriced and subpar Fenix 5 for this if it’s accurate as it’s hyped to be!

  12. What is it with the massive bezels on all these watches? GPS antenna? At least the bezel on the Fenix line has an ostensible purpose. That said, I’d go for function over form any day

    • It’s a trade off between battery utilisation (screen size), battery capacity (overall watch size) and thinness. Most people are less upset by bezel than thickness on watches like this. I’m sure in the future this will improve as LED and battery technology move forwards.

  13. 82 grams is the weight for Polar Vantage V for triathlon.

    Their current version V800 ways 79 gram.
    So…it would probably feel pretty solid – and a bit to the heavy side to wear. (I have a V800 already). Especially compared to Polar’s frist real triathlon watch Rcx5. It had an external gps you had to wear.

    The new Vantage V has a good battery – up to 40 hours of recording.

    It would be cheapest bying without a breaststrap if you for instance have one already. I already have the H10.

    Polar – come on with the date and official pictures! Like now 😀
    I need a new watch.

    • Hi

      I wear my V800 24/7, i do not think the additional 3 grams will make a huge difference


      • Hi Anders
        I agree.
        But I think the V800 is a bit clumsy and heavy, but you can get used to it.

        Instead of tons of techical things, I think there should be more focus on the aesthetics of the watch. It seems like there is a tendens towards bigger watches, which I think is a shame.

        I would almost call the Polar Rcx5 legendary. You could wear it everyday. It is very light weight. The battery life is about 10 months!!
        It’s almost like the good old Nokia mobile phones. You didn’t have to charge them that often. Actually, I miss this direction.
        The watches should be smaller, lighter and have a battery life that could last for months.

        I know the Rcx5 didn’t have all features, but it was fine for my ironman. The thing that bothered me the most was the external gps.

        Maybe – in 3-5 years we could have better and lighter watches.

        Just saw the Garmin 935 and the Garmin Fenix. They are too big In my opinion.

  14. I keep my expectations low. I had them high for V800 when it was coming and the results were underwhelming. Lots of folks dumped it and switched to 920xt or F3.
    There were features incomplete, promised and not done, falsely advertised.
    The only reason I kept it was GPS quality. Does not matter as much now as after 3 years of use the altimeter failed, battery has like 60% capacity, the strap broke and the screen glass is splitting so I need to replace it.
    There are features done in a way that make me think that nobody is actually using them. Like training “phases” that don’t mark laps and you can’t do training phase with a defined pace. Or route follow that constantly asks you “wrong direction, do you want to reverse route?” and you have to scroll to no and confirm.

    • Never had problems with routing on mountain bike or on the road and I use it frequently. It really took some time from release date to implementation of all features but v800 is still capable device and I am really looking forward to Vantage.

  15. If this will be the top device for Polar, and the features will be similar to those in the rumors, Polar have a problem, since Garmin and Suunto devices are better.

    • Better in what way? Or are you referring to them having more “features” which is not the same as being better. Look at Garmin Connect – it displays a LOT of data but gives almost no information. The Polar Flow platform by contrast shows a ton of information and therefore gives much more benefit to training. The Garmin shows a great many numbers for running, yet the pace is less functional than the Polar watches. As a result, I can use a Polar watch to pace my run or do interval training while the Garmin just shows a bunch of noise on the screen that doesn’t help me at all.
      Better depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If that’s more features then great, but a lot of people out there buy these devices to help them train and achieve better athletic results. More features doesn’t help with that.
      Take a look at this link to see the relationship between data, information and knowledge. Garmin have yet to understand this, so the data remains at the bottom of the wisdom pyramid. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DIKW_pyramid

      • Exactly why I choose polar over garmin.

  16. Hopefully it would measure the heart beat while swimming.
    My V800 really sucks in this area. I have the H10 heart rate monitor but it just stops working when I swim. I have tried in lakes and in the salty ocean water.
    Because it doesn’t measure, it gives the wrong status regarding restitution.

    If I put the old Polar Rcx5 on, it works perfectly with the H10 because it doesn’t use Bluetooth. Hopefully the new Polar Vantage has solved this issue. Other who has experienced the same?

    The Polar V800 works fine when it comes to running and biking togethers with the H10.

    • Use the Polar OH1 under the cap

      • The cap?
        Don’t think I get the point.

        You would strap the OH1 round the head? I don’ have a OH1, but I have the H10 breast strap. It should be a good one.

        What else could be done if you want heart rate during swimming in open water? Polar must have a solution.
        Maybe the Vantage would work.

        • Have it under the swimming cap. On the side of the head above the eye.

          • I swim with the OH1 on my upper arm. No problem at all, tracks every beat perfectly.

    • When I´m running with my V800 I use Wahoo Fitness app on my iPhone to get audio alerts with my HRM every 30 sec in the ear-phone. When I start the Wahoo app the Bluetooh connection from my H7 I s connected to the iPhone and the when I after that start the training session on the V800the V800 seems to connect to the belt through 5 khz because the Bluetooth is connected to the iPhone. You might be able to use this “hack” by starting a random connection with your H10 and a iPhone (don’t use Polars Beat app) and leave the iPhone at home or another place and the just start your swimming session on the watch and then You should hopefully get a 5 khz connection to your V800.

    • Hey Robert, HR under water with H10 and V800 should work automatically and seemlessly. If it doesn’t work, the devices may be faulty…

      Which sport profile are you using for swimming?

      • Thanks for the answers 😀

        @ Polar Bear. I use it in Openwater mode.

        I have tried with wetsuit and without wetsuit.
        It doesn’t make a difference.

        It seems like other Polar V800 users have the same problem!

        Hope they have thought about this problem!

        There is full battery on both devices.

        • As others have already said, HR under water only works with the 5 kHz signal, because Bluetooth does not work under water.

          When choosing a swimming profile (eg. open water) the watch automatically turns off Bluetooth, because it knows, that it doesn’t make sense to use it.

          Here are some steps you can take:

          First thing you should test is, if 5 kHz works outside the water.
          – Go to “settings > general settings > pairing > paired devices” and remove the H10
          – Then go all the way back out of the menu until you see the clock/time again
          – Press the red button to go into training mode
          – Choose a sport profile like running or cycling but NOT swimming
          – Now you should see two dashes instead of a heart rate
          – Start the training
          – During training the heart rate should be shown in a grey or washed out color

          If this happens you know that you are using 5 kHz instead of Bluetooth and that it actually works outside of the water.

          But if 5 kHz doesn’t work at all, it can be a software or hardware problem.

          2) Software problems
          I encountered several cases where one would think the hardware is defect and then actually it was just the firmware of the watch!

          Please try both: the so-called Soft-Reset and the Factory Reset.

          Soft Reset
          Go to “Settings > General > About V800 > Restart” to do this small restart.

          Factory Reset
          If the Soft Reset doesn’t help, I would strongly recommend to do a Fatcory Reset. Connect your V800 to the PC, let it sync and then in FlowSync you can go to Settings and choose Factory Reset.
          Link: https://support.polar.com/en/support/how_do_i_reset_my_polar_m400_0

          3) Hardware problems
          If you did all the resets and 5 kHz doesn’t work, then it can be a defect in the sensor or the watch. You should send in both devices to the support, so they can check which one has the problem.

          Or if you know someone else with similar devices, you can try if another sensor works better, etc. You can even go to a retail store and ask them for help or to give you a device to try it out.

          4) Wrong usage
          I almost forgot, that the user can be the problem… 😉

          When going into water, the chest strap widens a bit and during swimming it may happen, that the strap loses contact to the skin. This would mean, having no signal. Try to tighten the strap for swimming sessions.

          And try putting the sensor on your back! It works still fine on your back, but the water pulls less on the sensor. (pro tip)

          Another weird thing:
          – When choosing a swimming profile the pre-start mode should show the heart rate.
          – Then when putting yourself, the watch and the sensor under water, it should lose the connection for a brief moment
          – You need to wait a second until they find each other again under water. But then the signal should stay stable.

          • Just a little note since your posts are helpful to other users. It may have been a typo but your email was different here so I had to approve again which can sometimes mean a few days before your post will appear, in case you were wondering why it takes so long to show up. If you keep it consistent then your posts should go live immediately. The address isn’t used for anything else on this site or elsewhere and isn’t shown publicly 🙂

          • Thanks a lot Polar Bear and others for your input.
            The 5 kHz works. As you said, the Polar rcx5 isn’t paired with the h10, but it shows my heart rate with a bit washed out numbers. But it makes a perfect recording of my heart rate.

            The watch has had a reset when I bought it as a used watch.
            I’m not sure if it had a factory reset. It is however up to date with the firmware.

            I use open water mode with my Polar V800. I think that the problem accours because the V800 has to do two things at one time – measure the speed and heart rate while swimming, and it doesn’t choose the 5khz. Just a thought.

            The strap-modul on the back (pro tip) – I have never thought of it. Would that also work in triathlon when you come out of the water and start running and ending up with biking. I don’t think it is optimal.

            I must say that I like Polar, but I’m not satisfied with the heart rate recording during a swim. And – open water swimming is actually my favourite!
            The V800 also had problems with a bad charger. Some had to get a new charger. Secondly some had problems with the charging area because of corrosion. Lastly, it won’t charge unless you but a bit of pressure on the charger. Oh. I forgot – some screens had problems because of water comming in through the charging area.
            All these four issues ate something I have experienced. Search on youtube about charging problems on the V800 and you will find examples.
            Many users have had their V800 replaced or repaired.

            It’s a shame – Polar has to do better with the Vantage models.

            I would consider Garmin next time, but I don’t know if they work when it comes to heart rate recording during open water? Any experience with this?

            However, I like to use Polar, because it is very userfriendly. I could compare it a bit with IPhones – ones you have got used to it, you don’t want to go back to another interface. Just my two cents’

            I really also hope that the Vantage will have a nice design so you could use it in your dailylife. I think the V800 is a bit to thick.

          • @lusty: Hope I use the right e-mail this time. Not sure which I used the last time… 😀

            @Robert: There is something I completely forgot!

            Open Water means you are using GPS and 5 kHz at the same time, obviously. And I know there have been problems with these signals interfering each other. This is a hardware problem which some V800 devices may have, but not all of them.

            I would contact Polar Support and request a repair. This may be different for different countries, but sometimes they replace the whole watch immediately or they charge a small fee for just replacing the circuit board. If you keep asking or contact the headquarter in Finland they will help you at some point.

            And you are right, putting the sensor on your back during a triathlon is not optimal. During the bike and run sections the sensor will change back to a Bluetooth connection, which then is blocked/disturbed by your body (water).

            That is also why some inline/ice skaters prefer to have the sensor on the back. Because they usually ride with their hands on their back.

          • Haha it may have been a typo, I just didn’t want you stuck in the spam bin as your posts are great 🙂

    • v800 works great while swimming, I assume you have it set to a “swim” mode? If not, it will default to bluetooth connection instead of the older coded frequencies that work in water. Unfortunately it won’t always change transmission modes when signal drops in water, so you have to set to a swim setting (or pair the transmitter to your phone, which will capture the btle signal, forcing the watch to choose the older frequency transmission)

  17. Under water only 5kHz signal works, thats obvious.
    With H10 you can record a swim training to belt’s memory using Polar Beat app.

    • Hi Mayak and others
      Yes. I have also tried to start the recording with the Polar App, where I chose to record directly on the belt. It worked fine while swimming.
      However, it would be strange to do in a triathlon race.
      So – at the moment, I think I would use two watches when I want puls recording. I know it works because I’ve tried it.
      The Polar V800 is okay when it comes to speed and distance. On the other hand, I would use my old Polar Rcx5 because it uses 5khz and not Bluetooth. This combi worked perfectly when I swam openwater. I wore the H10 breaststrap.

      That is the cheapest solution for me. I don’t think I would buy the OH1.

      This must supposedly be a common problem for triathletes and open water swimmers. I don’t know if there is a super combination outthere when it comes to a good triathlon watch that could record your heart rate while swimming? Maybe a Garmin or what?

      Or the Vantage?

      I wouldn’t spend time to look at my heart rate while I’m swimming, but it would be nice to check it out after the swim session. It also has an influence on the recovery calculation. However, it only gives you a hint. I think it’s best, when you listen to your body and you remember to recover so you don’t overtrain.

      Any other suggestions when it comes to heart rate under water?

      Maybe the Vantage?
      Or a Garmin?
      Or another brand?

      When can we buy the Vantage in Denmark?

      Happy training 😀

      Kind regards,

  18. Just for interest, the photos are actually all still up (just not shown anywhere) on static.westernbikeworks.com, eg:

    Vantage V:
    * https://static.westernbikeworks.com/productimages/images450/PPIKL1-1.jpg
    * https://static.westernbikeworks.com/productimages/images450/PPIKL1-2.jpg
    * https://static.westernbikeworks.com/productimages/images450/PPIKL1-3.jpg
    * https://static.westernbikeworks.com/productimages/images450/PPIKL1-4.jpg

    Vantage M:
    * https://static.westernbikeworks.com/productimages/images450/PPHGF1-1.jpg
    * https://static.westernbikeworks.com/productimages/images450/PPHGF1-2.jpg
    * https://static.westernbikeworks.com/productimages/images450/PPHGF1-3.jpg

    There’s also lower resolution versions, but I won’t bother including those URLs (unless someone really wants them).

    And finally, the “Write a Review” pages are still there 😉

    * V: https://www.westernbikeworks.com/createreview?p=ppikl
    * M: https://www.westernbikeworks.com/createreview?p=PPHGF

    Now if only Polar would make the damn thing official already! 🙂

  19. Any knowledge of how the GPS differs compared to existing V800?

    What about algorithms, have they changed anything regarding training load and restitution is concerned?

    • @RonG (?)
      the gps chip is entirely different.
      basic TL is still trimp based but is augmented by rpe-trimp and muscle load calculations if the data is available

  20. @Robert as far as I know, in V800 should work swim HR via 5kHz signal from H7 and H10. Check manual
    I guess that during a race swimming you don’t have time to watch your HR 😉

    • @Robert
      A V800 works with the 5Khz signal of a compatible strap (H7/H10). However as Polar mentions you might haves some problems in OWS because of the GPS. If it doesn’t work always check the batteries first (even if the strap works with the Rcx5). If it still doesn’t work in the water -> V800 broken, warranty.

      • I’ve always had same problem in OW… Heart rate recording points are fewer when in the lake and almost absent in salty water. With swimsuit race there is not an issue because things are better.. But simply under a trisuite is not delivering the expected result. So for me it is still an issue of V800. On the contrary.. I do find the time to check my heart rate during the swimming part of the race… To compare it with the pace…
        I Just got a new band on my V800 and after a month I am getting battery issues.. And screen detaching issue. Unfortunately it really seems V800’s life is just a couple of months are warranty expiration date. Hopefully, the round shape ot Vantage will at least solve the screen issue everyone is complaining. Let’s hope it will not be a “regression”

        • You’re right. My v800 is 3 years old. This month the strap broke, altimeter failed (cleaning did not help) and screen glass started to separate. The battery time is like 9 hours max while the original rating was 13. So not enough for my long trail runs/hikes. If the new ones are like this, I don’t think I want to pay so much for them.

  21. Amazon France gives us or confirms us some information on the “vantage V” model!

    – Accelerometer/ GPS / baraometer
    – 4 electrodes / 9 LEDs (but only pulse-mesurments is listed, no oxygen or whatever?)
    – Running-Power on wrist (how precise can this be in comparision with foot? Can it be as good as Stryd?)
    – Training peaks & recovery pro (Linked to daily activity? i damm miss this information in training peaks, especially on long active days with no sport sessions)
    – 40 hours batterie life with GPS

    Missing information:
    – Swimming metrics? (I suppose as v800 and m600 have this)
    – E-Bike profile? (well i hate people mixing bike and ebike tracks as one sport)
    – “Sub”-profile?
    – Operating system? It seems not to be gear-os…

    Becomes time to get more oficial information 🙂
    I suppose they will also soon build a successor for the OH1 with the new electrods?

    Source: https://www.amazon.fr/Polar-Vantage-Cardiofr%C3%A9quencem%C3%A8tre-Unisexe-Adulte/dp/B07G89LWL9

  22. Coincidence that Qualcomm announce their new Wear OS processor this week, and closely followed by the Polar announcement? What do you think – the Vantage duo will be the next gen M600?

    • I would be surprised if these are WearOS devices given their purpose, it doesn’t value power saving as highly as a good sports watch needs.

      If they are, I certainly won’t be buying one or reviewing one as I value my privacy – same reason I won’t buy an Android phone or Alexa device. I don’t trust any company whose primary business model is advertising and user tracking to place a surveilance device anywhere near me!

  23. I’m a bit disappointed with feature set of Vantage V and IMO it’s hard to justify almost double the price of V vs. M
    Wahoo Rival – where are you? 🙂

  24. Does anyone know if the new Vantage V is compatible with the Stryd power sensor?

  25. Both Vantages are compatible with Stryd

    • Thanks. I was concerned because the onboard polar power meter requires gps and therefore won’t work on a treadmill; and it doesn’t seem to measure other valuable parameters like vert oscillation, leg stiffness, stride length, etc. which stryd does. Relieved since I already entered my preorder for the V! Thanks.

  26. Considering that the features of the Polar V are worse than the features of Polar V800, that is a 5 years old device, largely outdated today (with less features and functionality that other cheaper devices of any other brand)… I cannot understand who is going to buy this device… except the fan boys.

    • Or, put another way, Polar are the only company to support their devices for 5 years and have worked to get core training functionality right rather than cram a bunch of pointless half finished features in alongside a laundry list of bugs. None of this makes me or anyone else a fanboy, it just means that different people have different needs which you may not understand.
      I think a lot of people will buy these to train with. I think people who want a toy will continue to buy Garmin for the same reason they’ve been doing so. Personally (as it stands today, this changes a lot!) I’ll be sticking to my Fenix 5 as a smart watch for work, and probably swap to a Polar for run training. On the bike I’ll keep my various Edge computers for now until something better comes along. For swimming…we’ll see.

      • The true is that this device is a toy with the price of a training device. No features until the end of 2019 and then, the features are similar to those on the V800.. a failure.

        • Mine looks like it will ship today so I’ll let you know next week. I’m not seeing any missing training features at launch though.

      • I will strongly disagree here. A few facts for your consideration:
        – V800 was released in summer 2014, so it’s only 4 years old
        – the latest update was on 11/21/2017 so it’s more like 3 years of support (I filed a few bugs with them myself since the last update, no fixes)
        – it took 2 years for it to be feature-complete as advertised, so to be fair I’d count 1 year of support, not 3

        Still, support time seems to heavily depend on when the successor is about to be released. If I’m not mistaken, the latest firmware update for Fenix3 was 2 months after Fenix5 was announced. Total 2 years of support.
        M400 had 3 years of support (although feature incomplete at the beginning just like V800). Latest update 3 months after M430 was released.
        Ambit 3 I’m not sure – seems 3 years of support, latest update in June 2017.
        Spartan latest update in May, so at least 2 years (not sure when it became feature-complete)

        • Thanks for the post Greg. Spartan still isn’t feature complete. In fact, if you read my series on training you’ll see it doesn’t even contain basic training functionality still, and neither does the 9.
          Good support and constant new features are not the same thing. Garmin watches break all the time when firmware is updated with new features. Often features nobody asked for while basic core functionality remains broken for months and sometimes never fixed. My watches both failing to alert for end of phase recently while writing the post was a great example of this.
          I’ve not yet experienced issues with any of my Polar watches. Maybe I’m lucky. I’ll certainly not say there are no bugs and I’m happy to test any you say are there and write them up.
          I seem to recall the M400 was feature complete for the intended functionality. Polar have certainly added to that but I don’t remember it missing anything promised. V800 was a total joke on day one, and remained so for a looooong time. I think Polar bit off more than they could chew when they moved to v800 from the older watches and I’m hoping Vantage will be different. Mine arrives early next week so I’ll be sure to report my findings. I won’t be doing a review, but I’ll definitely add it to the various comparison posts I have and update conclusions. As I said, the features at launch seem pretty complete for training so I’m expecting the Vantage V post to be almost identical to the M430 one but in full glorious colour. That’s not quite true actually, the M430 reminded me how good monochrome screens are, and I’m expecting the Vantage screen to be dull and lifeless like the Suunto and Garmin ones. I get why marketing jazz up the colour, but when other bloggers post photos which look nothing like reality I have to wonder why 🙂

        • Hi Greg,
          With no offence, I find your way to calculate Polar’s support time of their products quite creative. One year of support of V800? Really? As well you could count in the time they have developed their device before the launch. Or do you think they have not supported it then? Besides that, they just updated their FlowSync to be Vantage compatible. It’s still compatible with V800 (and M400 among others) too, so it seems they indeed continue to support their older devices together with Vantages. So, lusty’s comment on 5 years support might not be so wrong after all, and still counting.
          The support of a product is also beyond software updates. Early V800 watches had as a design flaw problems with charge ports and swollen batteries (actually not batteries but the glue inside). How did Polar react? They changed the design and matherials and replaced affected devices with new ones for free. In comparison, the Fenix 5 had severe Ant+ connectivity problems due to a design flaw (antenna?). How did Garmin react? They released F5P models for people to buy. To me it seems that Polar is among the better companies when we talk about customer support.
          Thank you for your site, lusty. Keep up the good work. Really looking forward to reading your future comments on your new Vantage. I’m planning to jump on the same train too. Happy training folks!
          BR, jp

          • Thanks JP, I have a tracking ID that says I’ll get my Vantage V tomorrow morning. I’m rather excited, especially since I just used the M430 on the treadmill at the same time as the Forerunner 935 with calibrated footpod and the M430 without footpod nailed the distance. The garmin…didn’t. Not even close. No idea why, but I’m now less worried about the fact I have no footpod for the new Polar 🙂

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