Polar Vantage M and Vantage V UPDATED

*UPDATE* – it looks like Polar have registered polarvantage.com so this will likely be the teaser site like we saw with polarv800.com previously. For early information and teasers, check there regularly. Note that Polar are in Finland so updates are likely to be timed accordingly. That said, they do use agencies for these teaser sites which may be based elsewhere.

Well, it looks like we finally have a name. Or rather two names. Thanks to Cardiojunkie for the tip. Also reading comments on TFK it would seem that these are round watches with one being higher end than the other.

Posted by Pete Dean to TFK:

Polar Vantage – full colour screens
Vantage m
Not touch screen £249 black or white

Vantage v
Gorilla glass
Touch screen
Black orange or white
£439 with out strap £479 with strap

New polar app – similar to Garmin app

Available Late September

And here are the trademarks recently registered:


  1. Having some pictures souls be cery nice

  2. Strange Polar picked up the Vantage name again.
    I heard about the “new life” some time ago but didn’t expect them indeed to re-use an old name after all it comes very close to the historic Polar Vantage NV.

  3. Finally!!

  4. I thought i´d be more excited to get finally news on the v800 successor. I´ve been waiting and searching so long for information that i´m fed up with it…

    btw i´m quite disappointed that they reuse this name again.

    • You are already disappointed only by a name?! 😀 Tough life… 😀 Just wait till September! Until now you do not know anything!!!

  5. Probably they want to use statements like “we revolutionised market with Vantage NV model.. now we do it again ”

    Anyhow, I’d agree, slightly disappointing.
    But to me, more disappointing is the fact that they will use round design like most of other manufactures now do. I would much more prefer more sleek and slim (perhaps with a bit bigger screen) take on V800, maybe something like RCX5 just with all modern tech and good metal finish.

  6. Nice to see how red led heartrate sensor accuracy competes with chest strap if it really comes.

    • It won’t be hugely better than other optical units. Other colours of LED have been tried before, and the main benefit is compatibility with skin colours rather than better accuracy. If you want proper HR then unfortunately you just have to measure the heart using ECG.

  7. just read an article in my local newspaper about new watches that also talks about the vantage: release date is september 16, the date of the berlin marathon
    there will be 2 models, the vantage v and vantage m.
    vantage m is the succesor of the m430 price will be 279 €
    a new oHR will be on board called precion prime, color display, touch screen, max. 30 hours of battery life
    vantage v is the succesor of the v800, price will be around 500 €
    touch screen AND physical buttons, baro, battery life that matches the suunto 9

  8. Hi


    In this article they say it will be released during Berlin Marathon in September, it also says something about that the pulse measuring system will be called Polar Precision Prime

    Exciting times ahead


  9. Any news if there will be a new cycling device also or is V650 still the best? Dont know if I should by that one or not..

  10. I don’t like if its going to be round. All the other watches are round, and when I first bought a sportwatch, the sqaure form was a reason for picking Polar. I hope we will get pictures soon

  11. Thanks for the name check

    Allegedly the OH sensor is different – the word “medical level” were used …. elsewhere in my original posts I pointed out that all medical devices I use at work as a registered nurse are red….

    I loved my polar v800 – but am also enjoying the Suunto 9 with its round face now…. I already have my vantage on order 🙂

    • Pulse oximeters don’t work the same way as a watch though, assuming you’re talking about the clip type devices. These shine red light through the finger rather than detect reflection. In theory a red light would show up different shades of red quite well since red things under red lights look white but darker/lighter reds would show as nice clear shades of grey. As I mentioned previously though, the various manufacturers of WHR devices have known about red LEDs for a while. Red was one of the first available LED colours in fact. In the early days of WHR it was found that colour of LED affects the reliability of the device which is why we ended up with green in the first place.
      It would be a PR disaster for Polar if they come up with the most reliable device which also measures oxygen levels but only works in fair skinned people so I doubt they will use all red LEDs.

      All that said, they might just be copying what Garmin did in the Fenix 5X Plus and having mostly green with one red. That seems to work nicely, or at least I’ve yet to read a complaint.

    • Where did you order your Vantage from? I thought no release till Berlin Marathon middle of September.

  12. I contacted my local shop in Norway, to get them to contact Polar and try to pre-order the Vantage V oransje. Polar wouldn`t confirm anything, but was caught a little off guard when he explained the rumours!

  13. From the5krunner (https://the5krunner.com/2018/08/02/august-2018-sports-watch-update-all-new-current-bike-run-tri-fitness-models-replacement-dates-garmin-polar-suunto-wahoo-fitbit-more/)
    “The other two companies supposedly releasing a new tri watch or two are having a few seemingly incorrect rumours being passed around about them. Tut, tut.”So hopefully it’s the round form factor that is wrong…

    • I never said info on this site was correct, just that they are rumours. I’ll post pretty much anything backed by reasonable evidence. The main point here is to prevent people buying just before a major update, for instance I’ve made it clear that you’d be crazy to buy a v800 right now. Whether the replacement is a Vantage V with round screen or something else, that’s still good advise in my eyes! I see people all the time commenting on DCR when a new announcement comes out saying “oh I just bought the old one :(” and most of the time they could have checked here and avoided the sad face.

      • Thanks lusty for the updates here. I am planning to buy new running watch, my current favorite is Garmin’s 735xt as I don’t need the 935’s additional battery capacity. Polar Vantage M could be an interesting alternative no matter which shape the display has. The 735xt is already more than 2 years old so I am hesitating and will probably wait until October to make a final purchase decision. Searched google for new garmin watches and was directed to this website so thanks for your effort keeping us informed!

        • Glad you found it helpful. As noted, the 735 is based on 235 hardware so is actually older than it looks. If you’re a runner you may want to look at the 645 or 645M too, or even the VivoActive as the advantage of the 735 is mostly the multisport mode (triathlon and similar). You should also read the reviews at dcrainmaker.com and the5krunner.com for any watch you’re considering. DCRainmaker has reviews of everything while the5krunner tends to be more thorough in reviewing, and a little more critical.

          • Thanks for your answer! Right now my focus is on running just to shed of some kilos and improve my endurance. Over the course of the last 4 months I increased my weekly distance to 100-120 km. But having a watch with a triathlon-mode would be good as that is what I am hoping to do next year after being absent from the sport for a decade.
            I already watched some videos on youtube by dcrainmaker but 5krunner is new to me, will definetely check his website.

  14. Hello Everyone, new runner here and don’t know much about these watches except the google research. My question is, is it worth to wait for Vantage M or should I go for another watch (I am debating between 735xt, Suunto Wrist Trainer HR and M430)?

    • also take a look at the VivoActive 3 and VivoActive 3 Music from Garmin, I would choose these over the 735 at this point unless you specifically plan to do Triathlon. The Vantage M is probably going to be a significant update to the M430 which is quite old at this point (based on the M400 system). Any GPS watch will meet your needs though so if you need a watch now, buy the one you like best, after reading DCRainmaker’s reviews.

      • Thanks for info lusty, I like to stay away from touch screen (doesn’t work well with sweaty hands) that’s why I am not considering Vivoactive. I get your point of getting any GPS watch, based from DCRainmaker’s reviews, I like the M430 (has all the features and budget friendly) but as you mentioned it’s based on quite old hardware.

        • Hi all. Interesting and useful site you have here! After reading this conversation, I can’t help myself not to ask what is the problem with the “old” hardware if it works well? As far as my experience with all kind of devices is concerned, the biggest problems have always come with the latest technology and newest features – until they turn old. In case of M400 or M430, even thought their hardware and design are old or oldish, they work properly and they have features which cover over 90% of all amateur needs. I’m not against new features or technology, but for me it seems that people are very keen to get the latest toys without thinking what they really need. Well, this is what the marketing is all about…

          • This site is literally all about the new toys so fitness for purpose doesn’t come into it. My personal view is that people’s needs were met nicely about 15 years ago, everything else is just icing on the cake, some of which is useful, most of which is fun to speculate on and play with instead of exercising 🙂

  15. Now it looks like real: Vantage M and Vantage L are on pre-sale in Holland:


    • I saw that yesterday as well. I asked them for a photo of watch but have not received a response. Specs unknown as well. Hard to order it with so many unknowns. Will keep using V800 until clarity improves.

    • Watches are not available for purchase anymore.

  16. I was able to order mine from a very friendly store rep….

    Re buying something new – my v800 was a fantastic bit of kit – but the lack of pulse recording was, for me at least, a pain in the posterior….

    I don’t do Garmin – my ex wife uses their stuff – think she even gets her broomsticks and cauldrons with a Garmin logo – so would rather not thanks!

    I do like my Suunto Baro 9 – I treated my self to celebrate a decree nisi – it does every thing that I want but I do prefer the polar community / apps

    • Yes, the Suunto 9 is an absolutely gorgeous watch. Much nicer than the Garmin 935. My hope is the aethetics of the Vantage V are just as good. Along with the Polar Flow platform, that would be an awesome package. I haven’t yet found a platform other than Flow that provides something as basic as weekly summary of heart zone 1 thru 5 minutes. Imagine that! Polar has their act together. Love my V800 but also missing wrist HR, WiFi, colour screen, etc. Hopefully expectations will be met with Vantage V…..they are very high.

  17. I DO hope that both Vantages will have ANT+ … otherwise Polar will fail 🙁

    • It’s a safe bet that both Vantages will not use ANT+
      It’s also a safe bet that if Polar ever fails, it’s not going to be because of not using ANT+

      • I agree with Pilot,

        ANT+ probably wont be in Polar in the near future (I think Suunto also don’t use ANT+ in order to avoid paying Garmin and I think that BT is anyway the future).
        And Polar depended in a lot of think to succeed, ANT+ is not the main one.

        But I almost sure we will know a lot in the coming 2-3 weeks, at the latest, there is a lot of information and also beta watch already (I must not say I saw one of them…).

  18. Morning to everyone.
    I had for several years M400 and despite the fact, that B&W screen is old now, my watch had almost everything what I needed. HR wrist is ok, but not manadatory, cause each wrist HR fails with intervals. The only reason why I don`t have now is cause one of my buttons disappear and water came into my watch. I didn`t notice that so I can put it into trash. I was wondering what to buy and my favorite were:
    Polar V800
    Suunto 9
    But I read this roumours and definately wait for Vantage. I like Polar and (for unknown reasons and with full respect for company and users) I don`t like Garmins products. Some of the products is like gadget now in my opinion (latest Garmin 5 Plus).
    Second thing I bought now is Polar V650. It is fantasctic for my mountain bike, etc. Polar must have better watch in nowadays, so I give a chance for Vantage. If will not convience me, then I will buy definately Suunto 9 with new website software.

    PS. Anyway, every watch is a best pal in journey thru the sport. It can also be as a “motivator” for act. But it can not be a target itself.


  19. If you can wait – you should.
    You’ll see the Vantage when Polar start their PR in probably few weeks and then you can decide if you wait for him till November or by Suunto 9.

    • Suunto is a nice looking watch. But in doing some research I saw it doesn’t measure Swolf for swimming, so lead me to wonder what other important performance data is missing? Also V800 only watch, including Garmin, that lets you see heart rate in real time swimming. Assume this will carry to Vantage V.

  20. Garmin shows heart rate AFTER swimming, so V800 is the only one which shows live swimming HR

    • Honestly Garmin also shows HR in water but with range limitations.

      but I’m really wait for Vantage V if not M 🙂

    • Polar M600? and IIRC Spartans and Suunto 9 – also show HR by oHR. Probably lesser vendors do too.

      Garmin do not show HR underwater to any meaningful level

      even the 5khz signal from polar is not perfect underwater.

    • Hi

      Hope they ship before mid November, also does he think it will be 9 + 4 Led for HR (Green and Red)


    • Hi

      He think is will ship in mid November, i hope it comes earlier, also does he think it will have 9+4 HR led


      • I don’t believe it will ship mid November, my order reports on sale on that time. Personal i think for the moment it’s a +3 months date until announcement.
        However my previous experience with Polar announcement until sale dates (premium watches)this could be true (RS800 +1 year!, V800 +6 months)
        For the moment i’m using a Garmin Fenix 5 plus so i’m in no hurry.
        (p.s. it doesn’t have 9 + 4 LEDs, it has “only” 9 LEDs)

        • I think you take a very old examples…
          What about the last years? M430? M600? M460? A370?
          I believe we will get announcement as someone said – in Berlin Marathon Mid September.
          sale for this holiday season November.

  21. Hi,
    On site westernbikeworks, I have seen that the Vantage V can be preordered at price $499, and the estimated shipping date is September 29.
    There is also 3 pictures, with round design (black and white). The backside picture clearly show red and green led but also 4 electrodes.

    I have the pictures (in case it disappear from web site), but I do not know how to include them here.

    • Finally! Looks really strong for sports training. But Polar have always been strong there (ignoring the early v800 blip).

    • Hi I’m checking it on 25 August and I can’t find any of these, can You send pictures somehow?

      • here you go, and hurry up. pics were deleted from reddit too


      • I see that the Vantage M and V are now removed from the web site. If lusty contact me by email, I can send him the pictures.

        Here is some additional info from the picture: it is round watches, with a color display. Text is well shape therefore resolution should be higher than on the M400/V800. There are the classical Polar 5 buttons, with the middle right one in red.
        On the backside, we can see 4 pairs of led (red+green) plus a central green led, 4 metallic electrodes. There is also 4 gray small rectangles, perhaps it is sensors replacing the central one on the M430 or OH1.

        The following text is written on the back:
        This imply that the watch is water proof at 30 meters.

    • You can send me the Picasso, i can publish them if you want with your Copyright.

  22. Here is the link to the images:

    • Thx!

      Awesome! Im pretty sure this will be my next watch!!!

      • I’m also seriously considering to buy a Vantage V, I will just wait for a good review to confirm, hopefully it will be online September 16th.
        With Polar, we normally have serious watches which do not become obsolete and unsupported after a short period of time.

        • true; Polar maybe isn´t the fastest one in stomping out new products but the products they release are stable, usually top notch and updated for a long time.

  23. In the light of the photos, charged with induction.
    When do you think?

    • I see 9 LEDs 4 light sensors and 4 metal contacts there so I’d say a magnetic round USB connector is most likely.

  24. wireless charging for sure

    • even though there are clearly 4 contacts on the back? All USB uses 4 connectors so although these may be used for other purposes I’m pretty sure they will charge the watch. Either way it looks like Polar have learned their lesson on connectors after 3 consecutive watches with issues.

      • Those 4 skin-contact metal electrodes may be there for measuring HRV. That would be a first if Polar can combine HRV with optical HR. HRV is what distinguishes Polar from the rest. On the other hand, the offering of another bundle with a chest HR monitor is not aligned with this idea.

  25. Biggest problems had M400, but on the other hand it’s super covenient to have microUSB and use a mobile phone charger

    • RC3 GPS was the same, 6 months or so of use and the micro USB port would work loose. I went through 3 of them, and this was one of the reasons I switched to Garmin. They also suffer in the UK from lack of availability. I couldn’t find a v800 in the 6 months following release so eventually gave up and got a Fenix 2 (then Fenix 3, Fenix 5, Forerunner 920XT and Forerunner 935). There’s very little I like about Garmin, their software quality is a joke and the platform is not aligned to training at all just recording so I’m kind of rooting for Polar and hoping they sort themselves out.

  26. The Vantage V seems to come only in one size, presumably 47-50mm in diameter. As I have small wrists, a big watch would look out of place. Hence I’m in the market for a small Vantage M.

    Will the lack of a barometric sensor be noticeable? Is altitude by GPS off by much? Does Polar Flow use the barometric altitude data as it is or align it with geodata from a database?

  27. There have been rumors concerning the Polar Flow web service. I think the new service could be the compination of Beat and Flow + some extra features. What do you think?

    • yes, flow v3.
      i don’t know about BEAT. that might have a H10 FW update. someone should keep their eye out for that

    • Polar Beat, is not a web service, it’s in fact only a training device … About Polar Flow I did not see anything for now, except there will be something as stated by some online sites …

  28. hi there looking to change from my current m400 to the vantage m. but also like the look of the fenix 3.



    • Take a look at https://gpsrumors.com/deep-dive-structured-training-part-1 to see the workout functionality of each. The Fenix 3 is the same as the Fenix 5 in this regard. The Fenix 3 is pretty old now but still does the job while the Vantage M is as yet unproven but is brand new and will be supported for a while. Take a look at Garmin Connect and Polar Flow too, you can log in to both without a device to see the platform.

  29. Hi,
    Would you kind anybody and tell me if Polar Vantage V has czech language in the menu. I´m going to buy it in shop USA Amazon, Walmart or Ebay. I´m from the Czech Republic and I´m abroad now and I would like to buy this watch. And last question. How are you satisfied with it?
    Thank you.

    • Nemám Vantage V, ale stačí se podívat na obrázky na facebooku u PolarShop.cz a jsou tam fotky s češtinou na hodinkách :-).

      I don’t have Vantage V but there are pictures on Facebook page PolarShop.cz showing czech language in the menu.

      • Díky za odpověď, nicméně se stává, že zboží určené pro trh nemusí mít stejnou nabídku jako zboží pro pro Evropu například. Proto ta otázka směřující pro majitele hodinek z USA např.

    • The full list on my Vantage V is (apologies for lack of proper characters!):
      Bahasa Indonesia

      It’s a nice watch, but has it’s limitations and occasionally crashes.

      • Thank you very much Lusty,

        how lond do you have VV? When did you download new firmware the watch is better or no? In February will come next new firmware and I would like to wait for it a than I maybe buy VV.

        • Got mine on launch day as I preordered. The new firmware has added features and improved the errors. If you’re a runner it will be fine. If you do multi-sport it’ll take a while to get there but I’m sure this time next year the watch will be good. In the meantime my favourite watch is the Fenix 5 plus as the music and maps are really very good. The Forerunner 935 is also great and quite cheap.

          • Hi,
            thanks for your experiences. I´m from Czech Republic and I´m currently abroad. I´m going to buy this watch with HR10 from USA shop. I prefer the watch which has sport menu. I don´t need to pay by watches. I search the lowest price.
            If you want to write me, I will be very glad. My e-mail is- martin.cizek@seznam.cz


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