Polar Vantage M and Vantage V UPDATED

*UPDATE* – it looks like Polar have registered polarvantage.com so this will likely be the teaser site like we saw with polarv800.com previously. For early information and teasers, check there regularly. Note that Polar are in Finland so updates are likely to be timed accordingly. That said, they do use agencies for these teaser sites which may be based elsewhere.

Well, it looks like we finally have a name. Or rather two names. Thanks to Cardiojunkie for the tip. Also reading comments on TFK it would seem that these are round watches with one being higher end than the other.

Posted by Pete Dean to TFK:

Polar Vantage – full colour screens
Vantage m
Not touch screen £249 black or white

Vantage v
Gorilla glass
Touch screen
Black orange or white
£439 with out strap £479 with strap

New polar app – similar to Garmin app

Available Late September

And here are the trademarks recently registered:

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7 comments on “Polar Vantage M and Vantage V UPDATED
  1. Daniel says:

    Having some pictures souls be cery nice

  2. Strange Polar picked up the Vantage name again.
    I heard about the “new life” some time ago but didn’t expect them indeed to re-use an old name after all it comes very close to the historic Polar Vantage NV.

  3. Axel says:


  4. naiboo says:

    I thought i´d be more excited to get finally news on the v800 successor. I´ve been waiting and searching so long for information that i´m fed up with it…

    btw i´m quite disappointed that they reuse this name again.

    • Markus says:

      You are already disappointed only by a name?! 😀 Tough life… 😀 Just wait till September! Until now you do not know anything!!!

  5. nyquist says:

    Probably they want to use statements like “we revolutionised market with Vantage NV model.. now we do it again ”

    Anyhow, I’d agree, slightly disappointing.
    But to me, more disappointing is the fact that they will use round design like most of other manufactures now do. I would much more prefer more sleek and slim (perhaps with a bit bigger screen) take on V800, maybe something like RCX5 just with all modern tech and good metal finish.

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