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It’s looking ever more likely that a new high end watch will arrive soon from Polar. Although nothing is on FCC right now there are some hints. Firstly, it’s been way too long since v800 was released. It’s a great watch (finally) but was dated a few months after release when Garmin dropped the 920XT and then Fenix 3 which kind of killed the market for black and white watches with slow feature releases.
Anyway, my slender evidence…Amazon, yes AMAZON appear to have ceased ordering v800 watches. They aren’t the only ones, various other sports retailers have quietly dropped the watch. Amazon obviously still lists it, but from third party sellers only and at an inflated price. This is what happens to legacy products on Amazon, try it with pretty much anything you can’t get any more and you’ll find one or two sellers asking crazy money.
Both the black and the blue are gone with no signs of new stock but much higher prices from third party sellers. Clearly Amazon are expecting something new and different shortly, and that might line up with CES 2017 or perhaps earlier to capture the xmas market.


  1. That’s the old color 🙂

    • It’s not the old colour it’s one of the current colours!

      • My apologies, it does seem that Polar have pulled the original black and silver version already as well as the blue.

  2. this is a very vague evidence for a new watch since the special editions are still available of V800s (https://www.amazon.com/Polar-Sports-Watch-Special-Monitor/dp/B01ECAK47W/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1477557876&sr=8-3&keywords=polar+v800)

    no doubt polar will release a successor of v800 sooner or later since the market demands it!

  3. V800 will stay in the market for a while with new black and red versions. Even v800 GoPro Camera add-on didnt show up yet. Dont expect a v800 next version from polar till 2018 January my guess.

    • How can you be speculate that?
      I believe that it is not in the interest of Polar to wait so long to launch a new high end product. That flagship position cannot be maintained by a product launched so long ago and with special edition already proposed to the market.

      • Polar is very much focused on quality not only of their devices but also web platform. Remember that right now Polar V800 is number one pick for someone who needs accurate data within reasonable price. It’s as accurate as Suunto Spartan/Garmin Fenix 3 if not better but for hal of the price. And the Polar Flow service. At some points Garmin can learn from Polar, and Suunto… pass. Not saying that the others are bad but hey.. they are 2x more expensive than Polar and give extra 5% of possibilities that is just not too much. And the fancy color screen… it’s ok but in the end accuracy and durability is what matters. I have V800, and even given Garmin Fenix 3 for free, I would still stayed with the Polar

        • Did you really want to bring up durability when talking about v800? Battery and USB connection have both had huge issues with many units going back for repair. In the wider world both the M400 and RC3 GPS had USB connector issues (I myself returned two RC3 GPS devices for the same issue!).
          Polar used to be about quality, certainly. I used them until very recently and still rate the web platform over Garmin. These days though, they are just behind the curve in every way imaginable. It took way too long to integrate Strava and Training Peaks, and from what I can see the v800 still isn’t actually feature complete after nearly 3 years development. The Garmin watches do suffer poor GPS but the quality is definitely there and features are ahead of the game. The colour screen is a gimmick, but one that is easy to read and adds quite a bit to training sessions through graphical data representation.
          I’m still hoping Polar manage to compete with a next gen platform after the v800. The v800 should have been that platform but from what I can tell their development processes are too out of date to compete with Garmin where the fitness team (Fenix) are clearly doing Agile and doing it well.

          • Agile development is not a mystery. It’s not easy to convert but it is highly doable. Europe must be filled with people who can make that happen.

          • You’ve got to want to do it first though, and that’s the problem I think.

  4. maybe they have learnt a lesson from someone else?

  5. Any new thoughts?
    About to buy the V800, but seems a shame if there is a new model on the way…

    • If you’re concerned wait until the new year at CES. V800 is overdue an update.

    • I spoke with a rep. He told me that polar will offer 25% off coupons for registered v800 owners. So you can trade up.

      • Interesting. Did the rep offer any insight as to when we will see a V800 refresh?

  6. Today update new star screen at time mode and gps inclinometrer for running 1.8.15

  7. so,
    during CES 2017 Polar did not unveil the V800 successor.. I think they are losing terrain, Garmin products are outstanding…

    • In their defence most of what Garmin do is flashy and adds little to the product from a training perspective. Polar make training tools and those tools are excellent. The v800 doesn’t need upgrading as it already does what it needs to. Of course we all love gadgets and new toys so hopefully Polar will come up with something soon that looks more competitive.

  8. Please Polar!
    Equip the V800 with a optical heart rate measurement and everybody is happy.

    • I don’t think everybody would be happy. It would also need to be smaller, lighter, colour screen, have music (although the Polar Spotify announcement may hint at this), QR straps, round face, smart for office wear, apps…

      As I’ve said a few times, Polar may have too much catching up to do now. If they don’t go with WearOS (Android) they won’t have an app ecosystem, and convincing people to get on board with them will be hard given how slow this refresh has been. Polar have some die hard fans but I’m not sure that’s enough to survive. If someone decides to attack them in the team solution/gym category it could be the end. Unfortunately Polar also made the mistake of making their devices only work with the platform, meaning if Polar goes so do all the devices. Garmin at least allow local access to files and open use of the .fit format so their watches will work forever whether the platform exists or not.

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