Polar V800.Next

Recommendation: Overdue, wait and hope


mid 2016

Product Announced Available
RS800CX SEPTEMBER 15, 2008 unknown
RCX 5 MAR 21, 2011 JUNE 2011
v800 JAN 6TH, 2014 MAY 2014



  • Colour screen
  • Running dynamics
  • Store and forward HR data H7i Sensor
  • Hi-Def HR data
  • App Store
  • Changeable straps like the other new Polar watches
  • running power


  • Optical HR (possibly there will be a range split)


Yes, pretty poor title. Polar are currently completely random with product naming as far as I can see with the numbers meaning very little (although 800 was used before) and the letter meaning even less. A might stand for Activity, but then what does M and V stand for? If RCX stood for Running Cycling Crosstraining then V may mean Various? Regardless, until we have more information we simply won’t have a clue what the new one is called. For this reason I adopted the tech industry .next designation and we’ll change it once it’s released. For the moment I’m guessing Polar v850, Polar v900 or something completely different like Polar x1000. It’s more likely to be v900 at this stage, as polarv900.com and polarv850.comredirect to polar, but polarv810.com doesn’t so I doubt it will be Polar v810. I’ve not found any microsites like we had with Polarv800.com though so maybe we’re not as close as I thought. Interestingly, polarv650.com, rc3gps.com and polarv800.com are all pointed at a different hosting service to the main Polar.com site, so there may be a new service in the works altogether with a new name.

I’ll update this page as rumours get to me so check back for new info.



  1. I just received some information from Polar, the replacement of the V800 at least will take 6 months. Forget it to have it in Las Vegas 2016.

    • Jorge – anything new on the v800 successor?

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