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Bit of an update, Polar have the #polarstaytuned tag on Twitter now, but also one post was #staytunedforkona.

As such, the launch might not be the marathon as previously mentioned. It’s also possible that the M will launch at the marathon and the V at Kona. That would be weird and pointless, but Polar have never been conventional, normal or regular with their marketing and launching. It’s their baby too so we’ll have to wait and see. News by 8th October though…


  1. They added a redirect on the http://polarvantage.com/ site as well that will link you through to the “normal” polar site.

  2. polarvantage.com now redirects us to polar global site:) It is coming ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. http://www.polarvantage.com now redirects to Polar.com

  4. And polarvantage.com now redirecting to polar

  5. Both the Vantage V (alone) and Vantage V + Vantage M (together) appear in the same video. So no way a split announcement is made.

    • You got a link to that specific video?

      • As far as I know it’s the banner video of the site posted, but if you just want the video…

        • Road bike swim gym but no mountain in the video… I miss it

        • Interesting. V with the big buttons and M with the small ones.

        • Wanted to show the Minister of Finance the second teaser only to discover that it has been subsequently blocked…
          Luckily have a download if anyone wants it uploaded somewhere, let me know…

          • let me know

          • Let me know ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Interesting. a Czech site already has the prices:


  7. I would say that price is not in my general interest. I want to know whatโ€™s under the hood, what features can we expect?

  8. I also got an email from Polar yesterday asking to sign up as an insider. i presume closer to launch they will send a code that can be used to take a “peak” on the vantage micro site. in any case, i am definitely getting the Vantage V as my m400 (both watch and original strap) is on its last legs.

    good times!

  9. Amazon france have some more details

    – Accelerometer/ GPS / baraometer
    – 4 electrodes / 9 LEDs (but only pulse-mesurments is listed, no oxygen or whatever?)
    – Running-Power on wrist (how precise can this be in comparision with foot? Can it be as good as Stryd?)
    – Training peaks & recovery pro
    – 40 hours battery life with GPS


  10. We have a new video! It’s not about Polar Vantage V or M but it’s about how good Polar electro is :-). “In association with Polar.” Enjoy the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG9iQ1IYcmc

    • Actually it’s quite funny how they emphasize they were the first to invent wearable HRMs. Once there was a big company by the name Kodak. But they failed to go forward with time and now they are a niche…

      • Consumer wearables are not the only thing Polar makes so donโ€™t assume they would disappear if they fail to compete with Garmin. In fact Iโ€™d wager Polar make a fair amount from sales of the Fenix through patents.

  11. What about the charging receptacle? That was an issue with the M400. Could be wireless, I don’t see any one on the back of V except for the “electrodes”

    • Probably a magnetic connector using the 4 contacts. This would seem to avoid issues like the RC3 and m400 had. I doubt there will be wireless charging when there are 4 connectors on the back ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I agree with you, but I guess it may be wireless since the four ectrodes are mentioned in several discussions as part of the new HR sensor system

  12. Sneek preview video now online: https://youtu.be/xC3r9hzGW-Q
    But not really any new details on the watches …

  13. New video is out and it looks like Polar is introducing the Vantage M tomorrow at 10am UTC

  14. The sneakpeak is now open.


    It doesn’t contain any usable information that we didn’t know already. Just be prepared for another marketing video.

    • They could have not given us that video because it contains nothing new. Cยดmon Polar, we know you can do better then this.

      • Until today the name was speculation as well, wouldn’t we all be amazed if it was not called Vantage. Guess with this video they made it official.
        Not let’s see about the specs and what can be added as a cool feature to those rumors. ๐Ÿ™‚

        BTW seen a twitter post about a running shop that will sell the Vantage V and M from next month onward. I hoped with the official presentation tomorrow they will open up shop as well, but I think we need to wait for that a bit longer seeing the different posts here and there.

        • Not true, polarvantage.com has been live for a while as has polar.com/vantage. The screenshots posted recently showed specs and confirmed dates too ๐Ÿ™‚

      • To be fair it is the first official mentioning of the new Vantage M. For everyone following the great work of lusty there’s no news, but for others it’s a good first glimpse ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. There was a media launch this week (probably several globally) I was at it.

    The wait really is almost over.

    Here’s MY tease (tomorrow): https://the5krunner.com/2018/09/13/polar-vantage-the-wait-is-over/

    • i was asked to take my tease down !

      • I was very surprised you where allowed to publish the information you already did. Was about to ask the first question before the watch was even announced: “can you offload sessions without any Polar software (like a usb stik / “Garmin method”)
        Looking forward to your review!!

      • Haha Iโ€™d assumed you had permission after the briefing, thought it was a bit brave even then! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Found some more info about the Vantage features. (it’s in Dutch)

  18. Now, it’s all official on Polar website.

  19. All

    Dave has done some awesome work here on the Vantage. I often help with these things but not this time…:-)

    If you want to reward him (financially) then if you buy either VANTAGE in the USA through this link http://geni.us/PolarVantage I will split my affiliate commission with him. If you send me the email address you used to purchase then I will be able to cross check that (GDPR: you will have to agree to let me share your email with PowerMeterCity)

    ** Dave if you don’t want any money please delete this post ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just trying to help.

    • doh: you get 10% off if you use the code the5krunner10

    • Thanks for the offer! No I donโ€™t need the money but happy to leave the link there to support your excellent site ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. 745xt?

    body *WORN* BLE and ANT+ . so not a handheld

    This could be the Vantage-spoiler.

    • Iโ€™m going to guess at a new Approach. Large and square on the label so unlikely a forerunner.

      • end of the golf season??
        but then again xmas is coming (presents)

        • Golf isnโ€™t really seasonal, just the hours change due to daylight. I canโ€™t think of another square device…

  21. Question to the experts :
    What do you think is the best way to get the Vantage as soon as possible : is it better to pre-order on the website of Polar or is there a chance that it comes earlier in shops ?

    • Your guess is as good as mine. This will depend on where you live too, they’re made in China so Europe may be last or because Polar are Finnish Europe may be first. Polar may decide to direct ship pre-orders, or they may go through distribution in which case direct orders may be worse than finding a retailer who places big orders. You could always ask Polar direct but doubt they will know or tell you if they did. Either way it’s looking like November shipping from their website.

    • a biased and self professed ‘expert’ might point you to the link above where you WILL get the first VANTAGES received by powermetercity using the code (well the first 20 or so people will from the USA).
      Amazon looks highly likely to not be getting stock at same time as regular dealers. so i’m reasonably sur eits not worth waiting for them.
      i think it will depend with each shop where you are in the queue. the vantage looks like being popular so perhaps each order placed by resellers will not be fulfilled in full by polar first time round to ensure all dealers at least get some of their order.

      aka: I don’t know

  22. Will the new Polar Vantage include the possibility of importing a GPX route on the watch?

    • We don’t know this now. Keep asking Polar and hope they will add this soon :-).

    • it will nto include it on release.
      i understnad the hardware can do it. i ahve that question waiting clarification from polar about timescales

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