Polar something coming?

I’m partially guessing but Polar appear to have hosted some press in Madeira this week judging by their feeds, and some comments from well known bloggers. I can’t see anything in the FCC or trademarks, or even any rumours yet.

If said event took place, it certainly included cycling, so it would seem either the long overdue v800 replacement (v900, v950, v1000 take your pick!) or a v650 replacement which is less overdue. Either way, we’re too close to xmas for a sensible announcement so CES 2017 could be the date to wait for.

If anyone has any info let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

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10 comments on “Polar something coming?
  1. Serkan says:

    polar didnt announce some updates still for v800 like GoPro integration.

    I dont expect a next generation v800 till 2018 from polar.

    But otherwise who knows?

  2. Mikl says:

    A compatibility with Stryd will be imminently.

  3. Andrey Nikanorov says:

    I guess this event will be about v800 firmware update. Powermeters or/and GoPro.

  4. Vaclav says:

    Or new accessories like H7i with running dynamics for V800 ;-).

    • lusty says:

      I’d be surprised if they flew the press to an island in the Atlantic (with bikes) just for running dynamics a month before CES…
      I’ve been wrong before though 🙂

  5. Mikl says:

    A long time ago, they mail me a survey for update the V650.
    Perhaps they work on it.

  6. Marco says:

    there was a rumor about a new 24/7 activity tracker with 24/7 HRM… may be a new version of the A360 ?
    The article I read said release date december 2016… I can’t find it anymore

  7. Aku says:

    I personally wait successor for V800 watch. Sold all my garmin products and now i am waiting new multisport watch from Polar.

  8. Ondrej says:

    just for the curiosity sake: why did you do that? is garmin not sufficient for you needs?

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