Polar OH1

Polar will soon be releasing an optical HR band called the OH1. Hopefully this will align with the v800 replacement (v830?). This is a 6LED sensor in an arm band which will be an alternative for those who don’t like to wear a chest strap. Think Scosche Rhythm but made by Polar, so in theory it should be a pretty good product as Polar try very hard at the accuracy game.

  • Up to 200 hours training stored in the memory
  • Bluetooth connection (no Ant+)
  • USB upload to computer
  • Supports Android and iOS
  • Battery life up to 12 hours
  • Waterproof to 30 metres
  • supports swimming so can be used by triathletes
  • Supports all of the latest heart rate devices from Polar (and almost certainly others too)

Here’s the FCC filing link https://fccid.io/INW2L
And some pictures of some web sites I found (Google Polar OH1).


  1. https://fccid.io/IPH-03336 looks like a garmin hozelock device for gardening.

  2. Pictures are saying:
    – available end of august
    – 79.9 euros
    – up to 150 hours recording
    – display

    • I got the info from a different site which said 150-200 hours so I went with “up to 200” 🙂

  3. – no display

  4. Polar v800.next to be expected on spring 2018, statement by Stan Brajer (VP sales & marketing at Polar) in this podcast (starting at 11:28) from 10th July 2017, see http://www.babbittville.com/radio/

    • You do wonder if spring 2018 is too late. Garmin, Suunto and others have released multiple models that are causing V800 owners to upgrade due to either an annual/bi-annual upgrade or simply their devices getting old. Hopefully Polar will be able to compete on price and a solid/stable device, rather that try to add features that are not really required by the target audience (touch screens, app stores, etc.)

      • As I’ve said previously my expectation is that spring is availability rather than launch.

    • I was told it would be later today someone accidentally messed u p their timezones

  5. Just to let you know that the Polar OH1 just appeared on Polar’s German website. It can be pre-ordered for approx. EUR 80 an will be delivered in September. According to the webpage, it appears to be compatible with most current Polar products.

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