Polar M400.Next

Recommendation: Buy the M400, don’t wait if you need a watch


Late summer 2016 seems most likely.


Product Announced Available
RC3 GPS AUG 13, 2012 SEPT 2012
M400 SEPT 25TH, 2014 OCTOBER 2014
M400.Next 2016



  • Optical HRM
  • Colour screen


  • Ant+ Sensor Support


It’s hard to predict what Polar might add to a watch. Traditionally Polar are very conservative with their devices, and prefer instead to concentrate on making a training tool. With stiff competition from Garmin and Suunto, however, they are starting to push more in releases. The recent A360 colour screen hints at this being added across the range. With the replacement v800 due before this I would also expect an app store of sorts to start on that watch and trickle down during 2016/2017 but from a Polar perspective this doesn’t add anything athletes need so maybe not.


No News yet.


  1. Really? You believe Polar will move to an optical versus their chest strap on this model. What makes you believe this? This seems like a big departure from Polar’s core belief.

    • I certainly think it’s possible. The M400 is in theory a running watch, and Polar have now created their own optical sensor so I’d expect it to at least be an option here. The “v900” probably wouldn’t as it’s a triathlon watch but for the M400 it’s a definite possibility. Given the recent review on DCRainmaker of the a360 sensor though, Polar may want to hold off a while…

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