Polar M400

Recommendation: Buy with caution


Product Announced Available
RC3 GPS AUG 13, 2012 SEPT 2012
M400 SEPT 25TH, 2014 OCTOBER 2014
M400.Next 2016


This watch is an excellent running watch and activity tracker. Although it lacks many of the advanced features of the v800 it’s perfect for most running needs. Following release of the Garmin 235 and Polar A360 I’d expect a replacement in 2016 which has integrated optical HR. It’s possible Polar will choose to split the range as Garmin did and release two new watches, one with and one without optical HR. Late summer 2016 would seem to be the target date for announcement of the replacement so if you need to train in 2016 get the M400. We may be surprised and see an announcement at CES but I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one, it’s more likely we’d see the new v800 in January.

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  1. Any update on the next gen m400? It’s awful quiet out there!

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