Polar M200

As I mentioned a while ago Polar have another watch in the pipeline called the M200. It looks like this is very close as the FCC posting is in, may even be this week.

It’s a round faced watch and looks pretty basic to me. Although there is colour in the picture, I would guess that is a surround since it’s in every picture. That means quite a small basic screen, which the name M200 would line up with as it’s a base model.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 06.44.57


  1. Given the name it must be a base model.
    But it includes GPS, BLE, accelerometer, vibration motor and optical heart rate.
    Not to bad i think.
    Still waiting for the final specs of the Garmin VivoKids and Virb Ultra (60)

  2. Could polar be using Android Wear as a way to compete with Garmin’s apps via ConnectIQ? Could we see a higher end m600, like say a m800, that would add swim tracking but still have Android Wear?

  3. expect more info very soon….

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