Polar at Kona

Polar have just put out a tease about v800, lava fields and palm trees. Hopefully this means a new watch coming soon 🙂

Since I posted this (hastily from the phone) I looked up Kona 2016 and that’s not until October, and Ironman Lanzarote is September. Anyone want to fill me in on what I’ve missed, or is this officially the longest tease of all time? To be fair, Suunto are teasing for a September watch already so it’s a close call on that competition!

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 08.01.15


  1. Where is a link to the tease?

    • Sorry didnt add text to the link! Its there now

  2. I guess there’s just a new color of V800 coming. It will be either previously announced red one or some other variant.
    There were some announcements made before of additional features for V800 so I guess they’re approaching.

    • When the v800 launched they had only just introduced new colour ways for the RC3 GPS, so I wouldn’t rule out a completely new hardware platform and they keep selling v800.

      • And no trace in FCC or bluetooth SIG listings?

        • Kona is in October, so if that’s the launch we’re way too early to see those types of evidence. There will be sponsored athletes testing the devices already but those are devilishly hard to spot in pictures.

  3. i´m really looking forward to an updated version of V800.
    i currently use the M400, i like it but sometimes i´d wish a longer battery lifetime and a more accurate gps sensor.

    hopefully they will release one soon or at least show a roadmap of the next watches or which features will come to the watches in the near future!

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