Opinion – Why you may want to wait

So here I am in Lanzarote trying to get some training in before xmas. It’s very nice here. Still the right temperature for training in shorts and t-shirt or summer cycling gear. The outdoor Olympic pools even let me get a speedo shaped tan line while swimming. You get the idea; I’m in my happy place.

It’s my first day so along with rebuilding my bike from its box, I decided to go for a swim. I took my two most recent watches, the Vantage V and the Fenix 5 Plus. On the way to the pool I listened to some tracks through my wireless headphones. I say listened to. Actually I spent almost the entire way there futzing about trying to make sound appear through the headphones. Eventually a restart of the watch corrected things and I got 30 seconds of Girls Aloud in before my swim.
Then I jumped in the pool, set the watches to pool swim and set the 50m pool size. You may note that in the picture I had ALL of the lanes to myself except lane 1 in one whole pool. The other pool was busier but still had a few free lanes. The other other 50m outdoor pool at the resort was empty when I looked on my way back. Did I mention this place is my personal heaven?

I started swimming 100m at a time. I’d say intervals but I’d been up since 04:30 so it was really just swimming for fun. The Garmin kept pretty good pace. Not so the Polar who thought I’d done “1.36km” after 300m. No, I don’t understand why a pool swim is in km either. So I stopped and saved that mess and started it again. This time the Polar decided not to accrue any distance. To make matters worse I don’t have a USB-C converter and my only laptop is the Surface Go (my fav laptop of all time right now). It has no ports I can use to reset the Polar. Bad times.

I go through these things so you don’t have to. There are some sites out there that review older tech (TFK has done a few). If you need reliable, you may want to start there. Ironically, it’s been pointed out in my comments before that the ideal time to buy a device if you need one is when I mark it as red here on the site. It’s then much cheaper and almost certainly stable and usable. It won’t have a touch screen and huge battery life or probably a sexy colour screen.

It might just save your workout properly though.

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