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Oh no! I took some watches for a bit of a run this evening since I was staying in a hotel in town, and one of those was the new Vantage V. Now, admittedly I did put it through a lot of stress at the start of the run. My Garmin Forerunner 935 spotted the Polar H10 and asked to pair so I thought “why not?”. This then stopped the Polar seeing it for some reason (H10 can pair/transmit to two devices at once). As a result I had to stop and start a few times before beginning the run as I re-paired the sensor to the Vantage V. I also had two planned sessions for the day due to some earlier testing and was using a workout to govern my run. Here is the track from the Garmin:

And here is the track from the Polar. Bad times (look where the start marker is).The watch crashed about 1.5km into the run and displayed “oops something went wrong” and then restarted when I pressed a button. I can’t remember the last time a Garmin crapped out like this, but when it did it would recover the data. The Vantage did not recover the data, nor did it acknowledge the crash in any way when it came back up.

It’s a new device with early firmware, but that is NOT an excuse. The firmware is lacking features, that I can live with. To not fully test what is there, or to have crashes handled badly is not really OK. As a result I’d recommend people hold off if this will be your only watch. I’m certain it’ll get there, but it’s not there yet.


  1. I think the H10 lately had an update and should now be able to connect to two bluetooth devices – after activating that function.

    • My H10 was up to date so not sure what happened there. I’ll do some testing later it’s probably something I did as I wasn’t planning to try that 🙂

      • Hi, the H10 can connect to two devices, but this needs to be enabled via Polar Beat app.
        Greetings from Austria

        • Thanks! That saved me looking it up 🙂 I’ll test this weekend

  2. Wow, the GPS tracking is a shitshow?

    Surely this has to be somewhat accurate if you want a somewhat accurate calculation of running power on the V?

    • I thought the GPS was fine. Running power isn’t power anyway so kind of irrelevant whether it’s accurate as long as it’s consistent.

      • Ahh, I’d read your comment “And here is the track from the Polar. Bad times.” and assumed you were talking about the GPS track. Doesn’t look great mind you in that image? Or am I coming to the wrong conclusion 🙂

        • Sure looks like he spent some time walking on water according to the Polar track

        • Sorry yes that wasn’t too clear. The track starts half way through the run. It’s zoomed out on Strava so don’t expect a perfect track 🙂

  3. Have you experienced anything similar with any other watches (including Suunto or Polar/Garmin past models) at all? The last thing you want to see is your data is completely lost. Polar Vantage V still needs more time indeed to get ready. The question is how long this learning & maturing process is going to take?

    • Garmin used to crash all the time but not since early Fenix 3 days for me. Never had a crash on a Suunto but used those less so may just be lucky. The Edge 810 crashed a lot but that was due to loose connections on the micro-sd slot.

  4. Happened to V800 too. I remember like 2 updates pulled by Polar because of these. I never got one though. You may try factory reset. I remember strange things happening after firmware upgrade that were resolved by factory reset. Like some settings were not migrated correctly.

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