Please stop telling people about this site, it’s getting too busy!

Just kidding, thanks for the vote of confidence everyone, eventually I’ll sort out the terrible look and feel of the site. I should have some time soon to get around to it 🙂 I feel we have great potential here for more rumours and we have zero take down notices so far so hopefully the manufacturers aren’t too cross with what we’re trying to do for their customers. After all, it’s all about us geeky fans wanting their latest toys and hopefully the comments here give the product guys some inspiration. Let’s hope the next year is as exciting as the last!


  1. I would love to see rumors for handheld/hiking GPS units (such as the Garmin inReach, Rino and Oregon, etc.) too.

  2. I’m checking your site a lot recently. A curieus person I am 😉

  3. wow. nice stats Dave. Well done

    was that July or June?


    • That was the last week of July 😉

  4. Bravo 🙂

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