New Polar incoming?

OK so I was wrong about the Garmin. Again. However, Polar have been teasing about the Boston Marathon and have a big update for v800 GoPro integration coming. DCRainmaker also teased about a Polar update coming tomorrow in his weekly update at


  1. What about a new more high-end targeted Fitbit sports watch. IE something above the SURGE (oHR + GPS). What about Apple going downmarket a bit to recoup recent lower revenues. 920XT /Fenix3 sales are down in last Quarter.

  2. I don’t see Apple going downmarket, they may have lower revenues but still made billions. Even if Fitbit tried to go higher end I just can’t see anyone breaking into the Polar/Suunto/Garmin space and succeeding before Apple and Samsung destroy the market the way they did with phones. Sadly that’s going to leave us with gradually worse devices with higher specs than we have now, just like with phones which despite all the cleverness aren’t quite as good as a Nokia from 2001!

    I would expect 920XT and Fenix 3 sales to be down this year – that’s sort of the point of this site, to help people not buy just before replacements arrive. It’s still very early for these to be replaced, but I think most people who were going to upgrade have now done so. This would make current sales of these “normal” and previous sales numbers an introduction spike. For the same reason, I’m amazed Polar are still selling any v800 watches – they must have a replacement ready by now!

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