New Garmin running power/running pod?

Something has appeared at which looks like a bluetooth versioon of the RD Pod, Garmin’s running dynamics pod. This new gadget certainly has BTLE from the description, but it appears to also have a button. I guess this could be to start/stop recording if the device has memory like the recent bike sensors. Garmin have been notably quiet on running power compared to other vendors, preferring to maintain a calculated field rather than properly commit to power in the watches. This device could see that changing.

It could, of course, be something completely different too.


  1. Does the shape and indentations (for a retention clip) not look a lot more like the footpod than the RD pod?

    • Nope, identical to the RD Pod. That said, the battery is larger than both the RD pod and the footpod, being a CR2045. The test report also stated this device can detect objects which would suggest this is a standalone radar of some kind. I guess we’ll have to wait and see 🙂

  2. Lusty, I love you and the updates. I know you’ve been busy, keep up the great work!

    However, you were slow to the punch on this one. The5kRunner posted about a new Garmin pod coming a couple days ago.

    Also, you missed the new Polar Instinct. Were they that “hush hush” on the FCC filings?

    • Polar are always very hush hush unfortunately so their FCC arrives as they launch. Sometimes we get rumours ahead of time but usually not.

      TFK may have been quick but he didn’t make the connection with RD Pod shape or to the fact that the device detects objects 🙂 I now believe it may be an IoT sensor rather than something else. A little like the Suunto pods.

      • That’s the scoop I’m talking about! That insight about product capabilities is why I support your website!

  3. New Vivo-somthings on the way? Rectangular screen.

    each has a variant without the ‘B’ with WiFi. Music/non-music?

    • Those are on the large side for a watch. More likely they are something from one of Garmin’s many other businesses like car GPS, boat or plane systems or a golf computer.

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