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Thanks to Toni for the link to Polar’s latest teaser. It seems we have an M460 inbound as well. This would be a cycling computer to replace the current M450. This is slightly odd in that the v800 and v650 came first originally, but I’m willing to bet the lower end devices have sold in huge volumes and so are receiving more love this refresh cycle. I’d still expect a v660 and a v830 (v850, v900, who knows!) this year though so stay tuned.

Polar Global on Twitter

Oooh, and Here for some specs including Strava Live and an LED on the front.

And here it is (the black one on the left)


  1. I was just going to correct Toni on his comment that this was the M460 bike computer and not the M430 Running watch.
    It seems you found out and added this post.

  2. m450 had an LED on the front FWIW

    • Yes I had a feeling it did but was in a rush and had to translate specs from Spanish before getting back to my real work 🙂

      • Either a site that didn’t​get the memo to take the specs down, or it back up but Norwegian site has all the details plus price.

        • The translation. Also has a nice in bike picture and states April 20th as an “in stock date”

          Polar M460 The cycling computer Polar M460 is a functional, small power machine for all conditions. With GPS, Strava Live Segments® and support for watt meters, this quickly became a favorite. With M460 gets biker lot of money. Integrated GPS and barometer, long battery life and a lightweight and functional design are features the serious biker appreciate, in addition to full support for watt meters with Bluetooth Smart. Strava Live Segments® will help to make cycling experience even better, and smart notifications ensure that you keep up to date. M460 is also compatible with TrainingPeaks® platform for guidance and analysis, and the following advanced Training Peaks-watt metrics for biking are available on M460: Normalized Power®, Intensity Factor® and Training Stress Score®. When used with a pulse sensor provides Polar M460 access to the Polar unique unique pulse-based features, such as fitness test, orthostatic test, training load and recovery status. The cycling computer is equipped with LED lights in the front to improve safety, and the design is functional with easy access to the buttons. With a weight of only 50g, this is the perfect accessory for serious cyclists.

  3. Anyone heard anything on a replacement for Polar V650?
    Tired of waiting.

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