Monthly Wahoo Roundup – February 2019

The Rival may now be getting closer. Thanks to reader Greg who posted a link to the manual at

Wahoo Update
Wahoo Watches
Wahoo Bike Computers

Wahoo Update

Nothing on the FCC Site this month.

No real updates on Wahoo this month from around the web. The new Kickrs have been having…issues. I spoke about my experience with a Kickr Core recently which has now been replaced with a Neo 2.

Firmware Updates

ELEMNT WF48-2171 – 19 December, 2018

  • FIXED: Bug causing momentary UI freezes.

ELEMNT WF48-2169 – 5 December, 2018

  • Update for Strava’s new Live Segments API: Segments with an average grade lower than -.25% are no longer supported by Strava due to safety concerns. Downhill and similarly steep descending segments will not be synced.
  • ADDED: map support for larger tiles (required for new map updates)
  • FIXED: text capitalization on sensor discovery screen
  • FIXED: bug preventing display of left/right percent balance data for Pioneer Power Meters when set to Dual ANT+ mode
  • FIXED: bug preventing display of w/kg data for Pioneer Power Meters
  • FIXED: bug preventing display of Pioneer Power Meter mode change and magnet calibration functionality
  • FIXED: bug when transferring planned workouts
  • FIXED: bug preventing ANT+ FE-C connectivity with some third party trainers

Wahoo Watches

Range Manufacturer Device Current Speculation
Triathlon Wahoo ELEMNT Rival shows this new device due by the end of May, possibly earlier. This will be Wahoo’s first GPS based fitness watch and is likely to be good if their other products are anything to go by. This is delayed but should still be coming!

Wahoo Bike

Range Manufacturer Device Current Speculation
Big Wahoo ELEMNT Launched September 2015 and available March 2016 it’s possible we’ll see a replacement in 2018 but looking at the way Wahoo commit to their products 2019 seems more likely. Also, Wahoo would be likely to support this after a new device arrives so less risky than other manufacturers. The amber rating is purely based on not wanting to buy just before a release of a replacement.
Medium Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt Launched and available March 2017 this is a new device and earliest expected replacement would be 2019.
Small Wahoo ELEMNT Mini Launched and available August 2017 this is a new device and earliest expected replacement would be 2019.


  1. Do we know if the ELEMNT Rival will be able to connect to bluetooth enabled power meters?

    • I would assume so, yes. That’s not based on any evidence other than Wahoo see to put all the features they can in their devices.

  2. And info about this device that just showed up on the FCC website:

    Could it be a replacement for the original Elemnt? Or even better the Elemnt Bolt 2?

    • Interesting!
      On the pdf Files you can find the name of the product:

  3. True navigation please!!!

  4. Hopefully it’ll actually offer real navigation!

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