Monthly Wahoo Roundup – April 2019

Wahoo look set to realease something at Sea Otter Classic next week. This will almost certainly include the ELEMNT ROAM, a new cycle computer supporting both Ant+ and BTLE along with Wifi. It might also include the long overdue Rival watch.

Wahoo Update
Wahoo Watches
Wahoo Bike Computers

Wahoo Update

On the FCC Site this month we have the ROAM and the RIVAL

Not much other Wahoo news this month.

Firmware Updates


ELEMNT WF48-2171 – 19 December, 2018

  • FIXED: Bug causing momentary UI freezes.


ELEMNT WB15-2171 – December 19, 2018

  • FIXED: Bug causing momentary UI freezes.


ELEMNT MINI 1.3.4 – 11 January 2018

  • Add support for TICKR FIT

Wahoo Watches

Range Manufacturer Device Current Speculation
Triathlon Wahoo ELEMNT Rival shows this new device due by the end of May, possibly earlier. This will be Wahoo’s first GPS based fitness watch and is likely to be good if their other products are anything to go by. This is delayed but should still be coming!

Wahoo Bike

Range Manufacturer Device Current Speculation
Big Wahoo ELEMNT Launched September 2015 and available March 2016 this is likely to be replaced at Sea Otter Classic 2019 by the unannounced Elemnt Roam
Wahoo ROAM Should be arriving at Sea Otter Classic
Medium Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt Launched and available March 2017 this is a new device and earliest expected replacement would be 2019.
Small Wahoo ELEMNT Mini Launched and available August 2017 this is a new device and earliest expected replacement would be 2019.


  1. Wahoo Roam: Touch and colour screen. In-app route design.

  2. look at this link:

    He modified the titles of rides to delete “Wahoo” but google cache keeped it there

  3. Very interested in the mapping on the Roam to see how it compares to Garmin in a couple of areas. The Garmin routing algorithm has some major flaws in that it doesn’t always choose the best route, and often tries to send me off-road despite being set to avoid trails. Secondly the routing performance is very poor compared to a conventional satnav. I’m not sure if this is down to the algorithm, CPU performance or because there are so many more routes to take with paths and trails to consider as well as just roads. Will also be very interesting to see how the increased competition has affected the design of the 830, the 820 was woefully underpowered.

    • My assumption is that the Roam will at the very least have a proper capacitive touch screen which will allow map browsing in a less frustrating way. My guess is it’ll be a more phone like experience – Wahoo run Android on their devices after all. The 820 is actually fine after some updates, but fine is within the normal boundaries of Garmin bike devices so still quite slow compared to car satnav.

    • @jefff
      i’d be interested to hear what platform YOU THINK produces the best routes.
      I find garmin’s popularity routing is amongst the best.
      having said that, I agree that the execution of the navigation borders on poor, especially on long routes due to the low spec hardware i have from them (820 !!)

      • I think Garmin is very random on routes calculation… So many times with bad roads… without exit…

        I can’t imagine how wahoo will do it

      • @ugl, you sound unconvinced, have you had a better experience?

        I did a comparative test ages ago across the major routing platforms and Garmin was consistently the worst, and popularity routing didn’t work for the routes in my area. This was both online on Connect and on the Garmin 1030.

        It may have improved now, but I tried a test from Richmond gate in Richmond park SW London to Kingston Gate. One of the most popular cycling locations in the world and a Strava Segment that has been ridden 1.7 million times. There is s direct tarmac road between the gates. Garmin routing avoids the direct and popular route and tries to take either roads outside of the park, or the gravel track to the side, even if set to avoid trails. This is one repeatable example but there are plenty of others. It improved a bit in the second release of the 2018 maps but still wasn’t as good as I’d expect. I even looked into OSM to see if there were any data errors there but it looked spot on, as you’d expect for such a heavily used area.

        As a result of this I can’t trust the 1030 to get me home via a sensible route and tend to use it in conjunction with google maps on my iPhone. Following pre-planned routes which is what I do most of the time is fine, once it’s spent the time calculating them.

        • Sorry, ugl I didn’t answer your specific question, I found Strava popularity routing produced the best routes, although obviously that’s a website rather than a device. I haven’t tried their beta routing device option as I don’t have premium or whatever it’s called these days.

  4. On whether Wahoo will release the Roam at Sea Otter, I hope they will, but on his latest podcast DCR mentions there is no great incentive for the big players Wahoo and Garmin to announce at an event as they’ll be one news item amongst many others, better to release when there’s little other news so they stay at the top of the news stories a bit longer. Smaller players who need to get journalists attention will do it at Sea Otter as their press releases are more likely to be overlooked.

    I’d expect DCR to have inside knowledge on this so sadly I think we may have to wait a bit longer.

    • But still Wahoo did send out today an email announcing that they will release something new April 11th – probably it is not only the new look of the companion app.

    • Today I got an “save the date” email (Ad) from Wahoo which says: Something new is coming … April 11th.
      So I think it will happen at Sea Otter…

      • Yes I’ve been assuming the Roam would be Sea Otter as it’s a bike show. The Rival I’m unsure about but fingers crossed.

    • Wahoo are not a big player in the bike computer game. They will get headlines but compared to the Garmin behemoth they are tiny in that market.

  5. or it could just be that firmware from the email that slipped out in error last week

    • Even better than that. The wait is over. You can get an Elemnt bolt in pink or blue.

      • I’ve seen it also… First thought was that today is not April Fool’s

      • is this some kind of a joke? i want to buy a new bike computer and don’t know if i should wait for the ROAM or not

        • Unless you need it imminently then I’d certainly wait and see what the Garmin 830 and Roam have to offer. That said DC Rainmaker said again today that he doesn’t expect major hardware launches at Sea Otter, maybe he meant Garmin as it was in a Garmin article but I read it as other manufacturers as well. Again, would prefer to be wrong…

  6. In that case I might be wrong and I hope I am. Just that DCR did specifically mention Wahoo. Guess we’ll know in a couple of days. Exciting times.

  7. What do you think of the Hammerhead Karoo routing capabilities?

    • I’ve never tried it. That sounds like a question 🙂

  8. It seems like they just announced Bolt Limited Edition (blue & pink) (which actually was hinted at in the email)


  9. Yes, I’m speachless by this astonishing news 🙁 (pink elemnt)

  10. Yes – surely we are going to see the ROAM? WTF? 2 colors?
    I bet it is just delayed but coming soon.

  11. Wahoo: “something big is coming”
    Reality: new colors

    WTF Wahoo, are You kidding me, everyone waiting for Roam&Rival.

    • To be fair, there is a new device coming to replace the Elemnt. That doesn’t mean they can’t also release other things 🙂

      • What are your thoughts now about the release of the Roam? Before summer I hope…

  12. A new unit from Wahoo is coming and it will be in the shops in less than one month.
    Shops and distributors already have this information, they are just waiting the official announcement and the shipping.


    2,7″ color screen
    17 hours
    aero mount
    3199 DKK, 428€

    • Hey it seems it’s coming the moment, these guys anticipated everybody 🙂

  14. Great post Cedric!

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