Monthly Suunto Roundup – July 2018

I’ve split this down again as it was getting unweildy and I think there is some more value I can add given some space. Feedback on the new formats welcome. Also, this way Garmin isn’t at the top all the time so it’s a little more fair to the others. In case nobody noticed the old style was always alphabetical order for fairness.

Suunto Update

Suunto Update

Suunto have just released the 9 and we already had the fitness 3. We can therefore confidently predict at least a 5 and 7 to be released over the coming year. With this in mind I’d be wary of any of the Spartan models. They are good devices though, and are currently current and a reasonable alternative to the Garmin monopoly. I must also appologise as these have been marked as red recently rather than orange – not on purpose. The red I use is called “orangered” and therefore easy mistake to make. Spartan is definitely still a “buy if low cost” type thing or if you need a watch now. Just know that there are new models coming very soon.
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Range Manufacturer Device Current Speculation
High End Suunto Ambit Don’t buy this is very old (2012)
Suunto Ambit 2 Don’t buy unless you need Ant+, this is very old (2013)
Suunto Ambit 3 Don’t’ buy, this is very old (2014)
Suunto Ambit 4 Officially not going to happen, Spartan Series has replaced Ambit
Suunto Spartan Ultra Released Jun 2016. Suunto have created numerous models based on the same hardware (WAY too many to understand). There is likely a v2 in the works for this year to supercede the whole range.
Suunto >Spartan Ultra 2 Spartan is now replaced by the Suunto X series. The Ultra is replaced by the 9
Suunto >Suunto 9 Just released in June 2018 so don’t expect a replacement before 2020
Midrange Suunto Spartan Sport, HR, Baro Released after the Ultra but based on the same hardware. Suunto have created numerous models based on the same hardware (WAY too many to understand). There is likely a v2 in the works for this year to supercede the whole range.
Suunto Spartan Sport, HR, Baro V2 Moving to the Suunto 7
Suunto Suunto 7 Due later this year
Budget Suunto Spartan Trainer Seemingly based on different hardware than the Spartan series, this may have a different refresh cycle
Suunto Spartan Trainer 2 Probably not going to happen
Suunto Suunto 5 Coming in 2019
Fitness Suunto Suunto 3 Released 2018. Not a GPS watch so won’t be covered here
Randoms Suunto Kailash Buy if you can work out what it’s for or who it’s aimed at
Suunto Traverse Why Suunto, WHY!?


  1. what about the Suunto 6.5 ? why only the 5 and 7 😉

    • Just a theory. Of course it’s Suunto so they’ll make a bajillion models which vary only by tiny things so you could be right.

  2. i would have guessed odd numbers like you. just wondered if you’d heard anything about the fall release (if any)

  3. can someone explain to me, the coment in the traverse line:
    “Why Suunto, WHY!?”

    sorry for my bad english!

    • That watch didn’t really have a purpose. The feature set was almost random and Suunto never explained why they made it or who they made it for. As such, it’s on the list but I wouldn’t recommend it.

      • thank you

      • It’s actually quite clearly marketed at hikers and outdoor lovers, with its evolution (Traverse Alpha) adding hunters and fishers – with shot recognition.

        The Traverse was the first model with route altitude profile (from pre-loaded routes) and breadcrumb trail in the Suunto lineup.

  4. Suunto 7 and 5: worth waiting for? The Suunto 9 has the options I’m interested in but it’s huge. All I want is very good readability, excellent GPS, altitude, handy in use, the possibilty to download GPX routes on the watch and a accurate OHR. I don’t need payment or music options. It would be nice if Suunto developes a watch that’s made for a smaller wrist

    • I completely agree! I sent back the 9 because of the size. Not a pleasure to wear on a smaller wrist. Size also caused bad OHR readings (probably). Also waiting for the 7 because a FR935 will be as if going to the dark side….

  5. It is clear that you have insufficient knowledge. A3P is hardly surpassable in quality and precision. There are miles of use that resist a change. There must be a reason !! Old does not always mean old!

    • In this game old usually does mean better quality, I agree. All of my current devices are worse than most of my old ones, but they have more/better features which is what a lot of us are looking for. The market for actual athletes who need to do structured training, and that actually do that structured training seriously enough to spot issues is tiny. The market for gadget junkies is huge and way more profitable.

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