Monthly Roundup – December 2016

Now a regular feature, here’s the round-up of recommendations so everything is in one place, and so we have a nice record of speculations updated for December 2016…

Not a lot has changed this month, we’re still expecting various new devices in January at CES so check here before buying Xmas gifts if you’re worried about buying at the end of a product lifecycle.

In alphabetical order of manufacturer.

Manufacturer Device Current Speculation
Garmin Fenix Don’t buy – this is very old
Garmin Fenix 2 Don’t buy – Fenix 3 is now cheap and Fenix 4 is due imminently
Garmin Fenix 3 Fenix 3 HR, Quatix 3, D2 Bravo, Tactix Bravo Kind of tricky. The Fenix Chronos has sort of replaced this, but we still expect a Fenix 4. Good device so don’t hold off but it will almost certainly be superceded in January 2017
Garmin Fenix 4/HR/Fenix 5 Kind of arrived as the Chronos. Expect cheaper models at CES 2017
Garmin Fenix Chronos Brand New, buy if you wear solid gold underpants. This might/might not be replaced by a Fenix 4 so it’s not without risk, especially given the cost. Garmin have confused the market here so only have themselves to blame if people wait for a “real” Fenix 4
Garmin Forerunner 910XT Don’t buy – this is very old
Garmin Forerunner 920XT Replacement imminent but this is a very capable and mature device
Garmin Forerunner 930XT/935XT Imminent
Garmin Forerunner 25 This has been out a while but nothing obvious seems planned in the near future.
Garmin Forerunner 35 Buy – this is still fairly new
Garmin Forerunner 230 Buy – this is still fairly new
Garmin Forerunner 225 Don’t buy. Garmin immediately replaced this with the 235 using their own sensor.
Garmin Forerunner 235 Buy – this is still fairly new
Garmin Forerunner 630 Buy – this is still fairly new
Garmin Forerunner 735XT Buy – this is brand new and seems to be running Fenix code so hopefully isn’t buggy
Garmin Epix Buy if you really, really need it – this probably won’t be updated until winter. It does appear abandoned by Garmin though with no new firmware for a very long time
Garmin Epix 2 Probably abandoned, the Epix has had no firmware updates for a very long time. Expect maps in the Fenix 4 instead
Garmin Edge 510 Don’t buy, this is very old
Garmin Edge 520 Buy, this is very new
Garmin Edge 810 Buy if very cheap, but it will feel dated fairly soon compared to the new lineup
Garmin Edge 820 Buy, just released
Garmin Edge 1000 Buy if you get a good deal, this is overdue for replacement
Garmin Edge 1010 Coming soon CES in January 2017
Polar v800 Wait – update is probably imminent
Polar Overdue, expected announcement at CES in January. H7i Sensor has been leaked which is likely to be packaged with this watch
Polar M200 Buy, this is just released
Polar m400 Wait – update is probably imminent
Polar Possibly replaced by M600 so may not be updated. This also may be replaced by an M200 to differentiate with M600
Polar M600 Buy, this is brand new
Suunto Ambit 2 Don’t buy unless you need Ant+
Suunto Ambit 3 Replaced by Spartan Ultra – buy if you get a good deal and are not bothered by being a generation behind
Suunto Ambit 4 Officially not going to happen, Spartan Series has replaced Ambit
Suunto Spartan Ultra Buy, just released. Be aware there may be more models coming
Suunto Spartan Sport Buy, just released. Be aware there may be more models coming
Suunto Spartan Trainer Announcing shortly, just leaked. Be aware there may be more models coming
Suunto Kailash Buy if you can work out what it’s for or who it’s aimed at
Suunto Traverse Why Suunto, WHY!?


  1. in kona….???

    • Well spotted!

  2. Any idea when Garmin will replace the 235? I have the 225 but I would like to wait for the next device release before upgrading.

    • Probably not for another year as it’s still quite new.

    • septemberish 2017 for a 240/245. you can upgrade NOW within the Forerunner range eg to a 735

  3. I want to buy a Garmin edge – new model(ex : edge 1010).

    • Unless the 520 or 820 will suit you, I’d wait until the new year at CES for a 1010. If the 1010 doesn’t show up by March then maybe try to get a 1000 cheap.

  4. Thoughts on when Garmin might replace the Garmin D2 Bravo. I am a private pilot and have coveted the D2 Bravo for awhile, but it’s been out so long it must be due for a new model. . .?

    • It’ll be based on the new Fenix as the D2 is so either it’ll come in January or after a delay. I believe the D2 took a long time after Fenix 3 but that was because the code was all new. This time the change will be smaller so expect a shorter delay.

  5. Any idea about what new running dynamics and other features the new Fenix 4 would have? I am thinking about getting the Fenix 3 HR but am wondering if I should wait?

    • As it stands today the next Fenix (5) will likely have the same features as the chronos which is the same as the 3. That’s likely to change over time though as new firmware is created. The new watches have more processing power which will allow them to do more.

  6. Hi,

    As the Garmin Edge 820 has basically become a slimmed down version of the 1000, am I correct to assume that the anticipated 1010 is going to be more revolutionary rather than evolutionary? Otherwise why would people pay an additional €100-€150 to get the new 1010?

    • My assumption would be that the 1010 will be a slim 1000 with better processor. The 820 is a smaller 810 not a smaller 1000. The 1010 would likely include the larger screen but hopefully less bezel.

  7. Just spoke with garmin the 935XT provisional date is March 2017 but this is a very liquid date at the moment.

    • That would put it in line for a CES announcement – there’s usually a couple of months between announce and ship with Garmin. Hopefully that means a full refresh of their Tri line this week…Epix 2 anyone? ;o)

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