Monthly Polar Update – August 2018

This month we’ve not seen a lot of updates from Polar. Rumors of the Vantage V and M have exploded around the web, along with more details and a potential release date. Some sites are suggesting these rumours are wrong though, so I guess we’ll see in a month or so.

Polar Update
Polar Watches
Polar Bike Computers

Polar Update

Polar are behind when it comes to high end devices. Really behind. I’d list the features missing, but it’s easier just to say they have a long way to go to catch up. Replacements for the V800 and V650 have been overdue for a very long time. In their defence though, Polar have kept updating both devices and thier platform is a great one. As a general rule they also seem to be more concerned with creating training tools than adding features, which is nice up to a point.

So, what are we expecting and when? Polar confirmed last year that there would be something mid-2018, and here we are mid-2018. With all of the new device announcements going on over the next few weeks I’d expect Polar to at least announce and release pictures. Polar have always been quite good at keeping secrets compared to other companies who “leak” things before release. As such we don’t usually get a lot of information. There’s nothing on FCC or image search that I could find sadly, and we don’t even know what the device will be called yet!

In the news

Elsewhere on the web, here are some recent Polar stories:
RECENT Polar v650 review It’s not often that older devices are reviewed to see how the newer firmware has changed things. I’d like to see more of this type of review with a focus on training needs. If an old device can do everything you need why would you need a newer device for four times the cost?
While browsing I found Polar Innovations which shows Polar had R-R recording in 1995 on thier watches! They have a long history of innovation for training tools.

Polar Watches

Range Manufacturer Device Current Speculation
High End Polar RCX 5 Released Mar 2011 this watch is very out of date
Polar v800 Wait – update is probably imminent. This watch is very, very old for a current watch (2014!). The M400 was just updated and that was launched near the v800. This watch is now so far behind the curve and so long overdue for replacement that Polar might have decided to exit the premium end of the market.
Polar Vantage V Due to be announced 16th September at the Berlin Marathon and available for October in White or Black, with a special Orange edition through some retailers (possibly Strava?).
Midrange Polar RCX3 Released Mar 2012 this watch is very out of date
Polar RC3 GPS Released Mar 2012 this watch is very out of date
Polar m400 Finally updated. This is a very old watch for a current model (2014) but is very cheap and still works well.
Polar m430 Launched April 2017 and based on M400 so shouldn’t be buggy, about to be replaced by Vantage M potentially
Polar Vantage M Due to be announced 16th September at the Berlin Marathon and available for October in White or Black, with a special Orange edition through some retailers (possibly Strava?).
Budget Polar M200 Buy, this was released Oct 2016 so we wouldn’t expect a replacement until late 2019 given the relatively slow update cycle at Polar
Smartwatch Polar M600 Released in Aug 2016 this was updated with new Androidwear in 2017. Given the fast pace of Android here I would not invest at this point in the life of the M600

Polar Bike Computers

Range Manufacturer Device Current Speculation
High End Polar v650 Wait, this is very old for a current model and overdue for replacement (Jan 2014). This device is now so long overdue for replacement that Polar might have decided to exit the premium end of the market.
Polar Overdue, expected announcement at…who knows! This device is now so long overdue for replacement that Polar might have decided to exit the premium end of the market.
Midrange Polar M450 Replaced with….identical hardware and a new firmware. Normally I’d say buy if cheap, but Polar abandoned this for no reason so buyer beware.
Polar M460 Launched April 2017 this is M450 hardware with new firmware. Given the treatment of M450 owners I’d say be careful buying this. Yup, Amber warning for a “brand new” device. That’s a first for me.


  1. Many thank for the update lusty! You are doing the great job for tired of waiting customers 🙂

  2. According to information from a service technician, notice will take place in November. 🙂

  3. Hi

    19 seconds out in the new Polar video you see a watch, could this be the new modell?

  4. Interesting. Hopefully not as big as Garmin 935.
    And not as thick and heavy as Polar v800.
    Polar V800 had isues with the charging cord, the charging area and fog inside the watch – especially if it was used in salt water.
    And it had problems with heart rate during swim in salt water. The Polar RSX5 was really good in water – perfect with the heart rate, but the gps had to be placed in the swim cap or swim bag.

    Can’t wait to see the new Polar for triathlon.
    We don’t know which brand is in the video…

    I want better pictures 🙂

  5. There is new video from Polar, too!

    And it’s asociated with this article: .

    So it looks like something new is right around the corner :-).

    • This looks positive to me, like Polar have worked out how to get their mojo back. I might even give the Vantage a go when it’s out, although it lacks everyday looks like the Fenix.
      If Polar fancy sending me one to try get in touch 🙂 I promise a fair review!

    • Thanks for the new video link 😀

      Rumours had mentioned colours in white, black and orange.

      Sebastian Kienle wears an orange watch in the video. (Around 1:35)

      After 18 seconds we can se a version in black.
      I think it looks round and not as thick as the Polar V800 🙂

      Come on Polar – show os the pictures. We, Polar users, can’t wait. I have shortly considered a Garmin 935, because I have problems with my Polar V800 (fog and charging problems, but I think I will stick to Polar.
      Polar really has to make a top class triathlon watch this time 🤞🤞

  6. Pictures are out 🙂

    Polar Vantage V Pro (499 dollars)
    Looks pretty hightech. Don’t know if I would use it in my daily life. Hopefully it’s a good triathlon watch.

    The “little brother” is on the same webpage. However, I think the bigbrother is aimed for triathletes, but I’m not sure. Haven’t seen the specs.

    Will be released in September.

  7. The little brother for 279 dollars.

    In three different colours.
    Red and black and ?

    The bigbrother is in white, black or orange. I don’t think the optimal heart rate on the wrist will be precise, but if there is a strap included or if you have a H7 or H10 heart rate monitor, it would probably be plain sailing 😀🤞
    Measuring puls in salty water is hopefully improved. Or else I would have to wear the Polar rcx5 on the other wrist while swimming. It just perfectly recorded two kilometers today during open water swimming. Hopefully, the new Polar watches are improved in this ares.

  8. Did anyone took screenshots of the site? Product is removed again; Polar seems to be very picky about info on pre releases

    • Yes. I have screenshots of both.
      Unfortunatelly, I don’t think I could put them in this textbox.

      I can’t attach pictures.

      I can tell you they are round. I think the little brother looks a bit smaller.

      I would like to share the screenshots but as I said – I don’t know how.

      Kind regards,

      • Pierre was faster

        • Yes. This is the bigbrother Polar Vantage V Pro.
          499 dollars. Relase date 29th of September. The same date goes for the littlebrother.

          I have screenshots of both models.
          The little brother’s name is
          Polar Vantage M
          279 dollars

  9. Naiboo..
    I actually don’t think it’s leagal to share a screenshot from a webpage and share it.

    I don’t want to get into trouble, so I’ll keep the pictures.

    I’m not much into copyright laws – I think Polar will release some pictures and videoes on their homepage very soon.
    Specs. would also be interesting to read.

    Have a nice day 😀

    • I dont think you can get into trouble. The Source was not stolen, ist was published for publicity.

    • Don’t worry, I’ve posted my screenshots now. No, you can’t get into trouble for posting pictures of public things for news purposes. Polar own the domain and will likely start teasing on there at the start of September.

  10. Thanks Lusty

    Any specs. outthere?

    Was wondering how big it is and how heavy.

    The Polar V800 was pretty heavy. And thick.

    Do you think the new watch will work with the cadance monitor from Polar.

    It would it be able to pair with power meters on the bike.
    Many uses watt on their bike – I haven’t tried that yet. It should be useful data.

    Would have been nice with a new watch for this season – I’m going for a triathlon tomorrow with fog inside my Polar V800. Hopefully it will last the struggles 🤔😬😬🙈

    Polar has really been slow – but hopefully worth waiting for!

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