Monthly Polar Roundup – July 2018

I’ve split these updates down as it was getting unweildy and I think there is some more value I can add given some space. Feedback on the new formats welcome. Also, this way Garmin isn’t at the top all the time so it’s a little more fair to the others. In case nobody noticed the old style was always alphabetical order for fairness.

Polar Update
Polar Watches
Polar Bike Computers

Polar Update

Polar are behind when it comes to high end devices. Really behind. I’d list the features missing, but it’s easier just to say they have a long way to go to catch up. Replacements for the V800 and V650 have been overdue for a very long time. In their defence though, Polar have kept updating both devices and thier platform is a great one. As a general rule they also seem to be more concerned with creating training tools than adding features, which is nice up to a point.

So, what are we expecting and when? Polar confirmed last year that there would be something mid-2018, and here we are mid-2018. With all of the new device announcements going on over the next few weeks I’d expect Polar to at least announce and release pictures. Polar have always been quite good at keeping secrets compared to other companies who “leak” things before release. As such we don’t usually get a lot of information. There’s nothing on FCC or image search that I could find sadly, and we don’t even know what the device will be called yet!
For what it’s worth, my money is on 6th July…

Polar Watches

Range Manufacturer Device Current Speculation
High End Polar RCX 5 Released Mar 2011 this watch is very out of date
Polar v800 Wait – update is probably imminent. This watch is very, very old for a current watch (2014!). The M400 was just updated and that was launched near the v800. This watch is now so far behind the curve and so long overdue for replacement that Polar might have decided to exit the premium end of the market.
Polar v850 LONG Overdue, expected announcement at…who knows! This watch is now so long overdue for replacement that Polar might have decided to exit the premium end of the market.
Midrange Polar RCX3 Released Mar 2012 this watch is very out of date
Polar RC3 GPS Released Mar 2012 this watch is very out of date
Polar m400 Finally updated. This is a very old watch for a current model (2014) but is very cheap and still works well.
Polar m430 Launched April 2017 and based on M400 so shouldn’t be buggy, a definite safe buy
Budget Polar M200 Buy, this was released Oct 2016 so we wouldn’t expect a replacement until late 2019 given the relatively slow update cycle at Polar
Smartwatch Polar M600 Buy, this is new (Aug 2016) and was updated with new Androidwear in 2017 so definitely supported well

Polar Bike Computers

Range Manufacturer Device Current Speculation
High End Polar v650 Wait, this is very old for a current model and overdue for replacement (Jan 2014). This device is now so long overdue for replacement that Polar might have decided to exit the premium end of the market.
Polar Overdue, expected announcement at…who knows! This device is now so long overdue for replacement that Polar might have decided to exit the premium end of the market.
Midrange Polar M450 Replaced with….identical hardware and a new firmware. Normally I’d say buy if cheap, but Polar abandoned this for no reason so buyer beware.
Polar M460 Launched April 2017 this is M450 hardware with new firmware. Given the treatment of M450 owners I’d say be careful buying this. Yup, Amber warning for a “brand new” device. That’s a first for me.


  1. POLAR had V800 $200 off on their own website now. Suspect replacement soon. No way they will exit the high end market. For decades they _were_ the only true high end watch.

  2. The V650 is relatively old, for sure. How and why would you improve it to get more customers to switch to Polar AND to upgrade?
    M460…it’s Jul 2018. this is not a new device any more as stated
    M600 why do you say “definitely supported well”? At present, sure. But. Big changes are afoot in WearOS hardware. I would have thought that the would be one of the options for a 2018 WearOS model (less likely than other running/triathlon models I agree)
    V800 there seems to be a general assumption that Polar will refresh this. I’m not so sure. It’s too far behind the F5/935 to possibly catch up in the next iteration so by definition it would be high price and under-featured compared to the competition in a market of informed buyers…go figure.

    • Good point, I’ll change some of these next month. The M600 in particular would be a bit of a gamble at this point given the Android OS.

      • hmmm. Google are apparently making a Pixel Wear OS watch (ie top-end) so they are behind WearOS. oh. wait a minute. yeah maybe you’re right 😉

  3. At the beginning of the year, Polar launched a survey of the oldest V800 users with the most hours of use and who continue with Polar. I have this device since it went pre-sale. The survey spoke of a new Ultratrail device focused on the mountain, with new features that would also serve as a multisport. I think they have a new device for a long time to which they are adding new features and training along with the Polar H10 (which we remember has an internal accelerometer waiting), in addition V800 is the only device that has native power metrics from Stryd, It is clear that something is progressing together. I remind you that Polar always works on a scientific and medical basis to offer analysis tools different from the rest (orthostatic test, running index, VO2 test, recording in cardiac variability …) I am not in a hurry, my Polar V800 offers me everything What I need.

    • Garmin, Suunto, Samsung, and others uses FirstBeat technology, that is more capable and scientifically based that the one released by Polar.

  4. I think Polar just did Intentional leaks,
    look at the watch Javi Gómez Noya run with last month in his under 8hr Ironman:

    • Interesting that that looks a lot like a Garmin watch from that picture. Either Polar have a big change coming or their athletes wanted new watches and bought their own!

    • that looks like the one i have a nice and sweet close up of he he he…or does it?

      • talking to myself. actually the gomex one might have a thicker bezel. can’t quite tell. some clever person should see if there is more than one picture of one of the most awesome triathletes ever doing that Ironman race. unlikely. but worth a shot.

  5. Just got an ad home today 04.07.2018 and polar V800 @finnish retailer 249eur.

    Maybe they are getting rid of the stock?

  6. Guys that is Forerunner 645 Music, on his Instagram is photo with clear image of watch and watch screen…


    I think it’s garmin 645, but i may be wrong.
    There’s no info if Polar is still supporting Javier this year or not.

  8. It will be called the Polar Vantage V:

    Interesting name as Polar released the Vantage NV in 1995.

    • Good spot, that may mean we’re close to announcement of something. Not holding my breath though!

    • i HAVE heard other name cited for the new Polar BUT that trademark link looks pretty conclusive. someone might also want to search a bit more on Google for websites with a similar name that were registered at a similar time. Perhaps they were registered by a company in Finland? Or not? who knows 😉

    • It will be a iWatch with the same features of the 1995 watch 😀

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