Monthly Polar Roundup – February 2019

The Vantage has now been shipping for a while. We’ve had the first round of firmware updates and it looks like the next is not far off and will arrive this month. DCRainmaker said he’s testing the beta right now and it’s looking like the expected features are present and working.

Polar Update
Polar Watches
Polar Bike Computers

News Updates

Nothing on the FCC site this month.

There have been relatively few updates this month:

Firmware Updates

Version 2.0.7 was released recently for the Vantage devices. Details below:

  • Stopwatch, countdown timer and interval timer
  • Button and touch lock
  • Brighter backlight when looking at the display during training
  • Speed sensitivity improved (faster reaction to changes in speed)
  • Fixes for cases where distance is missing from the beginning of a session
  • Fixes for cadence from the wrist
  • Fixes for pool swimming distance. Most of the issues with units when swimming also fixed
  • Some oopses fixed
  • Some touch UI freezes fixed

You can keep an eye on further updates at the following links:

Polar Watches

Range Manufacturer Device Current Speculation
High End Polar RCX 5 Released Mar 2011 this watch is very out of date
Polar v800 Don’t buy. This watch is very outdated and was even before the Vantage came out. Consider this only if it’s very cheap and you really want a Polar for multisport. The M430 is much cheaper and does almost everything the V800 does.
Polar Vantage V Launched September 2018 so not expected to be replaced until 2021 at the earliest
Midrange Polar RCX3 Released Mar 2012 this watch is very out of date
Polar RC3 GPS Released Mar 2012 this watch is very out of date
Polar m400 Finally updated. This is a very old watch for a current model (2014) but is very cheap and still works well.
Polar m430 Launched April 2017 and based on M400 so shouldn’t be buggy. Replaced by Vantage M but given the price this watch is still a good investment.
Polar Vantage M Launched September 2018 so not expected to be replaced until 2021 at the earliest
Budget Polar M200 Buy, this was released Oct 2016 so we wouldn’t expect a replacement until late 2019 given the relatively slow update cycle at Polar
Smartwatch Polar M600 Released in Aug 2016 this was updated with new Androidwear in 2017. Given the fast pace of Android here I would not invest at this point in the life of the M600

Polar Bike Computers

Range Manufacturer Device Current Speculation
High End Polar v650 Wait, this is very old for a current model and overdue for replacement (Jan 2014). This device is now so long overdue for replacement that Polar might have decided to exit the premium end of the market.
Polar Overdue, expected announcement at…who knows! This device is now so long overdue for replacement that Polar might have decided to exit the premium end of the market.
Midrange Polar M450 Replaced with….identical hardware and a new firmware. Normally I’d say buy if cheap, but Polar abandoned this for no reason so buyer beware.
Polar M460 Launched April 2017 this is M450 hardware with new firmware. Given the treatment of M450 owners I’d say be careful buying this. Yup, Amber warning for a “brand new” device. That’s a first for me.


  1. No reason to buy a Polar…

  2. The best in the game!

  3. The best software platform for me

  4. Should I leave Polar behind?

    I’ve been training with a Polar H10 strap and the Beat app on iOS for the last 18 months. In years past I’ve had a few Polar running watches too which I’ve used with the older 5kHz chest straps. I’d like to get a watch or activity tracker to capture more data. It would be nice if I could wear it every day to the office. I’ll always train with a chest strap. I’m primarily tracking heart rate for my indoor workouts (cardio and weight training, local trail walks/hikes, sometimes with a weighted ruck 20-45lbs.

    Is there a device for me? Is Vantage overkill? ( i’m never doing a triathlon) and is it half baked anyway? A370 tracker? Should I consider M430 or is it too ridiculous looking for daily wear? Something else? The other benefit with Polar is 5kHz Gymlink (I have the Concept 2 rower and SkiErg.

    Or should I consider brands outside Polar? That would mean that I would abandon Polar Flow and would need another chest band (as good as H10?). I love the H10 plus Polar Beat. Almost don’t need a watch but it would be nice if I didn’t burn through my phone’s battery on an afternoon hike because I’m using GPS; this forces me to carry a power bank in case I burn through my battery.

    • For hikes, watch based OHR is fine. Running and cycling not so much. With this in mind, you wouldn’t need the H10 for hiking. It is one of the few BTLE devices to support gym equipment, so you’d need to keep it for use with those devices unless they also support Ant+ or BTLE. PM 4 & PM5 do support Ant+ and therefore will work with Garmin straps and Garmin watch HR transmission. Rowing might also be ok with wrist based HR but I wouldn’t count on it.
      You can use an H10 with a modern Garmin, just make sure the Garmin supports BTLE sensors. I regularly use my H10 and Fenix 5 plus together.
      Is the Vantage half baked? No, it probably was in November but right now it’s pretty much working with all the needed features. The M would definitely be nicer than the M430 but the M430 is very reliable at this point.
      Switching platforms. Firstly use Strava to consolidate data. Garmin Connect is actually as functional as Flow if not more so, it’s just not very nice to use.

  5. lusty, thank you for your reply here and in the Polar firmware thread.

    I see you own a Fenix 5, do you also have a Vantage? I’m curious as to how the Vantage fares as a daily wear device and activity tracker; of course Polar’s site indicates that activity tracking is not enabled in the current firmware nor do they indicate when it will be active.

    As for daily wear, the screen of the Vantage M is a plastic acrylic and the Vantage V is Corning Gorilla Glass 3 (I was hoping for sapphire like in the Fenix).

  6. There are rumors that Polar H10 and Polar OH1 will support ANT+ in a few days. It was said yesterday on facebook page

    • That would be an awesome move from Polar!

  7. Hello, will there soon be a new update for the polar v650? With better Maps for example?

    • I don’t think so, unfortunately. If you have any tips how to improve firmware of V650, please write them via Facebook your suggestions. I sent them my suggestions almost a year ago and still no change.

  8. Any ideas on an update for the A370? I saw that the A360 was released in late 2015, and the A370 was released in mid-2017. I’m in need of an A380 (hopefully better battery life than the 370) and am anxiously awaiting news.

  9. Any ideas on updates for the A370? I’m hesitant to buy now since it’s been nearly two years since release.

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