Monthly Polar Roundup – April 2019

Nothing much to report in Polar land at the moment. We’re not really expecting much from them, although it’s possible they are working on a new bike computer as GPLama has been calling 2019 “the year of the head unit”. He’s obviously seen the Wahoo Roam while travelling and I guess it’s possible/plausible that his buddies also have a Polar unit. Literally no evidence of this though…

Polar did recently add Ant+ to their H10 heart rate strap. This works just fine so a big well done and thanks to Polar! Adding it to an existing unit is a winning move but adding it to something as old as the H10 makes them heros here. I have a lot of love for Polar, I just wish they could improve their code quality and become a bit more agile with regular releases and a customer feedback mechanism.

Polar Update
Polar Watches
Polar Bike Computers

News Updates

Nothing on the FCC site this month.

There have been relatively few updates this month:

Firmware Updates

Version 3.1.7 was released recently for the Vantage devices. Details below:

What’s included:

  • Japanese and Simplified Chinese languages are now available.
  • Phone notifications now show the most common emojis.
  • Enhancements to existing features.

You can keep an eye on further updates at the following links:

Polar Watches

Range Manufacturer Device Current Speculation
High End Polar RCX 5 Released Mar 2011 this watch is very out of date
Polar v800 Don’t buy. This watch is very outdated and was even before the Vantage came out. Consider this only if it’s very cheap and you really want a Polar for multisport. The M430 is much cheaper and does almost everything the V800 does.
Polar Vantage V Launched September 2018 so not expected to be replaced until 2021 at the earliest
Midrange Polar RCX3 Released Mar 2012 this watch is very out of date
Polar RC3 GPS Released Mar 2012 this watch is very out of date
Polar m400 Finally updated. This is a very old watch for a current model (2014) but is very cheap and still works well.
Polar m430 Launched April 2017 and based on M400 so shouldn’t be buggy. Replaced by Vantage M but given the price this watch is still a good investment.
Polar Vantage M Launched September 2018 so not expected to be replaced until 2021 at the earliest
Budget Polar M200 Buy, this was released Oct 2016 so we wouldn’t expect a replacement until late 2019 given the relatively slow update cycle at Polar
Smartwatch Polar M600 Released in Aug 2016 this was updated with new Androidwear in 2017. Given the fast pace of Android here I would not invest at this point in the life of the M600

Polar Bike Computers

Range Manufacturer Device Current Speculation
High End Polar v650 Wait, this is very old for a current model and overdue for replacement (Jan 2014). This device is now so long overdue for replacement that Polar might have decided to exit the premium end of the market.
Polar Overdue, expected announcement at…who knows! This device is now so long overdue for replacement that Polar might have decided to exit the premium end of the market.
Midrange Polar M450 Replaced with….identical hardware and a new firmware. Normally I’d say buy if cheap, but Polar abandoned this for no reason so buyer beware.
Polar M460 Launched April 2017 this is M450 hardware with new firmware. Given the treatment of M450 owners I’d say be careful buying this. Yup, Amber warning for a “brand new” device. That’s a first for me.


  1. Hey, do you know if there might be an update for the A370 soon? Its pretty old and I’ll feel really bad buying one if the A380 will come out soon..d

    • Yes I’d say that’s overdue at this point, although the basic wearable category is dying down a bit these days as watches get cheaper. Realistically I’d say keep saving a bit longer and get a Vantage M, or even the M430 and you’ll get a more capable device. In the case of the Vantage M it’s quite small too so reasonably close to the A370 from a style standpoint. There’s not much they would add to an A380 so I wouldn’t be too concerned about being left behind on tech. Pulse Ox will come along eventually as with Garmin, but we’ve yet to see Polar try that.

      • Sorry, English is not my mothers tongue and I’m not sure I understood: do you mean that its overdue in the sense that since it hasn’t happened until now it won’t happen? or that its overdue in the sense that it will happen soon?


        • No problem. I meant that the A370 was 18 months after the A360, so we would have expected a replacement in January this year. That may mean Polar are working on one and it’ll be released soon, or it might mean they don’t plan to update the range. Unfortunately we have no way to know which. With the A370 it has most of the fitness tracker features you’d expect so a replacement probably won’t change much.

  2. I don’t currently have a watch. I used to have a Polar watch YEARS ago….with analog strap.

    Today, I use Polar H10 strap ( I dont mind using a chest strap) plus Beat & Flow on my iPhone and that satisfies 95% of my needs: Home elliptical (connects with gymlink), Concept2 rower/bike/skierg (Bluetooth), lifting weights, everyday walks, I don’t run (I’ve been blessed with terrible knee arthritis), and I dont swim.

    Been thinking about the merits of getting a watch lately. I have a limited time 30% discount from anything from Polar (looong story). Would like to get a better sense of my activity tracking, just not sure if its worth spending $$$. Was disappointed with the Vantage rollout. Makes me wonder if Polar can stick around. I love Polar Beat for daily exercise & Flow for tracking. If not Polar I would get Apple watch so I can use Dexcom app to use with my continuous glucose monitor. However i doubt that Apple watch integrates into Flow environment and I don’t know what Apple’s version of Flow is. I use Fitbit scale for weight tracking for the past 6-years; Polar scale isn’t compatible with Vantage and appears to be a dead-end product. Thoughts on Vantage, or save my $$$

    • If you like Flow then go with the Vantage M or M430. DCRainmaker has reviews of the Apple watch so may be worth reading that for info about their platform. I don’t think it’s comparable to flow though.

  3. Today I updated Polar Flow iPhone app, it was mentioning Polar Ignite watch. No info or pictures.

    B&H listing with no picture at the Moment:

  4. surprise or the next M200?

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